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Roar with Excitement
Roar with Excitement

Zoos around the world welcome visitors to explore the wild side of nature.

With the best Zoo tickets and tours, you can enjoy a slice of wilderness in the middle of the city.

Zoos around the world welcome visitors to explore the wild side of nature.

With the best Zoo tickets and tours, you can enjoy a slice of wilderness in the middle of the city.

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Spend a day in the tropical paradise with wild friends!
Spend a day in the tropical paradise with wild friends!

Visit the Bali Zoo to enjoy breakfast with orangutans or rolls in the mud with baby elephants.

Bali Zoo welcomes you to enjoy engaging experiences with your animal buddies

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Unlock the gate to wild wonders in the middle of NYC!
Unlock the gate to wild wonders in the middle of NYC!

Get close with sea lions, snow leopards and unique birds in New York at the Central Park Zoo.

Enjoy exotic wildlife and breathtaking city skyline views from one of the world’s largest zoos.

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Discover the wonders of the animal world at the Singapore Zoo!
Discover the wonders of the animal world at the Singapore Zoo!

Step into a captivating realm of lush green surroundings and get close and personal with wildlife.

Spend a day in the woods with more than 2800 animals in the middle of the city at one of the world’s best zoos.

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Get ready to experience the wonder of the animal kingdom come alive in the best Zoos in the world. 

Zoos offer the best opportunity to get close to animals and interact with them.

Zoos house exotic animals and provide the chance to witness species from across the globe in one place. 

This article is your one-stop guide to Zoos across the world, what to see, things to do when you visit, highlights of the Zoo and best Zoo tickets.

Best Zoos in the World 

Tickets -1
Singapore Zoo
Singapore Zoo
Melbourne Zoo
Melbourne Zoo
Tickets -2
Barcelona Zoo
Barcelona Zoo
Torango Zoo
Torango Zoo
Tickets -3
Tickets -3
Amsterdam Zoo
Amsterdam Zoo
London Zoo
London Zoo

Zoos are a common attraction in every city where visitors interact with their native species. 

However, some Zoos are renowned for their large exotic collection of animals and animal programs. 

Most renowned Zoos houses an extensive range of animals and offer immersive experiences from animal feeding to breakfast with animals. 

With a plethora of options, it might get overwhelming for visitors to choose the best Zoo. 

Hence we have curated the list of the top and best Zoos in the world based on size, animal collections and experiences offered. 

Learn more about the top Zoos in the world, what to expect, things to do at the Zoo and the best tickets.

Best Zoos in Asia

Best Zoos in Europe

Copenhagen Zoo Prague Zoo Parc De Beauval Valencia Bioparc Jungle Park Loro Parque Colchester Zoo Oasis Wildlife Zoom Torino Alpine Innsbruck Madrid Zoo Edinburg Zoo Vienna Zoo Paris Zoo Whipsnade Zoo London Zoo Barcelona Zoo Rotterdam Zoo Zoo Leipzig Lisbon Zoo Amsterdam Zoo

Best Zoos in South America

Best Zoos in North America

Lincoln Park Zoo San Francisco Zoo Philadelphia zoo Prospect Park Queens Zoo Dallas Zoo Bronx zoo Columbus Zoo Central Park Zoo Florida Zoo San Diego Tampa Zoo San Antonio Zoo Austin Zoo Miami Zoo Woodland park Atlant zoo Cleveland Zoo

Best Zoos in Oceania

Top Aquariums in the World

Different types of Zoo tickets explained

Zoos worldwide offer different experiences, so various types of tickets are available. 

There are 3 basic types of tickets that offer entry into the Zoo. 

1. Entry ticket

Entry ticket is the most simple and straightforward ticket option. 

This ticket offers entry to the zoo and access to most of the parts. 

2. Skip the line ticket

A skip the line entry ticket provides priority entry. 

With a skip the line ticket, you do not have to wait in the queues and can just head into the Zoo.

3. Combination tickets

A combination ticket offers entry to the Zoo and another attraction. 

Visitors do not need to purchase separate tickets for attractions. 

Combo tickets often give discounted entry to attractions. 

Zoos also offer safari tours and animal programs. 

The tickets for such experiences are often sold individually. 

The most common experiences are safari rides, guided tours, animal shows, breakfast with orangutans and mud baths with elephants. 

Why visit Zoo?

Zoos are the perfect place for entertainment and education. 

Be it a family day out or a school trip, Zoos are a must-try destination. 

Zoos offer the opportunity to interact and learn about the exotic animal kingdom.

Apart from entertaining animal programs, Zoos also run conservative programs. 

Kids can get to learn about conservation efforts and participate in animal programs. 

Why book Zoo tickets online?

Zoos welcome millions of visitors each year who wish to explore the animal kingdom and enjoy immersive programs. 

Hence there are long lines and waiting times to purchase a ticket at the Zoo ticket counter. 

Here are the advantages of booking your Zoo tickets online.

  • Online tickets offer the convenience of booking the preferred ticket in the comfort of your home. 
  •  You can explore various tickets before choosing the best suitable ones. 
  • Online tickets offer seasonal discounts and age-based discounts to visitors. 
  • Visitors can prebook their tickets and secure their entry to skip any last-minute disappointments. 
  • You can easily secure tickets for safari rides, animal experiences and animal feeding online, which are often sold out offline. 


How can I get cheap tickets to Zoos?

Online tickets offer deals and discounts on Zoo tickets. 

You can also choose from a wide range of tickets to Zoos worldwide. 

What’s the best way to purchase Zoo tickets?

The best way to purchase Zoo tickets is to buy them online. 

Online tickets are convenient to book and offer different options and discounts. 

Booking your Zoo tickets online saves you from the hassles of standing in long lines and waiting time. 

What are some of the best Zoos in Asia?

Asia houses the best petting Zoo in the world offering interactive programs and experiences. 

Some of the best Zoos in Asia include Bali Zoo, Singapore Zoo, Taipei Zoo, Dubai Zoo, Elephant Sanctuary Pattaya and the National Zoo of Malaysia.

What are some of the best Zoos in Europe?

Europe houses some of the largest Zoos in the world. 

London Zoo, ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo, Barcelona Zoo and Paris Zoo are some of the most visited zoos in the world. 

What are some of the best Zoos in North America?

You can find some of the most ethical Zoos in the world in North America. 

Some of the best Zoos in North America are: 

Atlant zoo
Miami Zoo 
San Antonio Zoo
San Diego
Central Park Zoo 
Bronx zoo
Queens Zoo 
Prospect park zoo

What are some of the best Zoos in South America?

South America is home to some of the most beautiful Zoo in the world.

Bioparque do Rio, Parque das Aves Foz do Iguacu, Temaiken Argentina are the must-visit zoos of South America.

What are some of the best Zoos in Oceania?

Zoos in Oceania offer the opportunity to witness various exotic animals. 

The best Zoos in Oceania are: 

Taronga Zoo 
Melbourne Zoo
Australia Zoo
Featherdale Wildlife park
Wildlife Sydney 

Featured Image: Nejron / Canva