Everything about Zoom Torino – tickets, prices, hours, animals, things to do

Zoom Torino is an extraordinary zoological and entertainment park that offers tourists an outstanding experience. 

The charming city of Turin hides it in its heart.

Zoom Torino gives a rare opportunity to get up and personal with some of the most spectacular animals on the earth since it is home to over 80 types of animals worldwide.

Zoom Torino is much more than just another zoo in the world.

Its exhilarating rides and activities make it the ideal vacation spot for families and thrill seekers.

Explore this fascinating location in further detail and see what draws so many tourists to Turin to this location.

Best Zoom Torino tickets

# Zoom Torino entry ticket
# Zoom Torino + National Automobile Museum 
# Museum of Cinema + HOHO Bus + Zoom Torino

Where to get Zoom Torino tickets

Visitors can get Zoom Torino tickets at the zoo or online.

We recommend you buy your tickets to Torino Zoo online.

This helps you save the time and hassle of standing in the ticket counter lines.

Also, online tickets are cheaper than tickets available at the Zoo.

Zoom Torino Tickets

Visitors can get two kinds of tickets to visit Zoom Torino: A simple entry or a combination ticket. 

The entry ticket gives access only to Zoom Torino. 

A combination ticket offers entry to Zoom Torino and another attraction with the purchase of just one ticket. 

Here are some of the best Zoom Torino tickets. 

Zoom Torino entry ticket

This is an entry ticket to Zoom Torino, an attraction in Cumiana, Italy. 

This ticket option offers an opportunity to purchase tickets for the attraction. 

Visitors can expect to explore various themed areas within the park, each representing different regions and habitats.

This includes: 

  • Entry to Zoom Torino
  • Entry to the Madagascar Habitat
  • Entry to all habitats
  • Access to the playground and pool areas

Ticket Prices: 

Adult (ages 13 to 64)€20
Children (ages 3 to 12)€20

Note: Kids under 2 and 1 carer per disabled visitor travel for free.

Zoom Torino + National Automobile Museum 

Zoom Torino + National Automobile Museum
Image: Tiqets.com

This is a combo ticket to Zoom Torino and the National Automobile Museum. 

With this combo ticket, visitors can access both attractions conveniently.

This combo allows visitors to explore the wildlife at Zoom Torino. 

Then, discover the history of automobiles at the National Automobile Museum, combining two unique experiences in one visit.

This includes: 

  • Entry to Zoom Torino
  • Entry to the Madagascar Habitat
  • Entrance to the National Automobile Museum
  • Access to the Hop-on Hop-off City Sightseeing Bus Turin
  • Audio guide

Ticket Prices: 

Adult (ages 13 to 64)€20
Children (ages 3 to 12)€20

Museum of Cinema + HOHO Bus + Zoom Torino

Museum of Cinema + HOHO Bus + Zoom Torino
Image: Tiqets.com

The ticket includes entry to Zoom Torino, known for its immersive and interactive zoo experiences. 

Visitors can observe various animal species and engage in activities like animal feedings, shows, and educational presentations. 

After visiting the zoo, head to the Museum of Cinema in Turin.

Visitors can explore the different aspects of filmmaking and enjoy the collection of film-related memorabilia.

The ticket includes access to a hop-on-hop-off bus tour, which allows visitors to explore Turin conveniently. 

This tour typically follows a designated route, and passengers can hop on and off at various stops to explore the city’s attractions at their own pace.

This includes: 

  • Entry to Zoom Torino
  • Entry to all habitats
  • Access to the Hop-on Hop-off City Sightseeing Bus Turin
  • Skip-the-line admission to the National Museum of Cinema

Ticket Prices: 

Adult (ages 13 to 64)€55 to €65
Children (ages 3 to 12)€55 to €65

Opening hours of Zoom Torino

Opening hours for Zoom Torino are 10 am to 6 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 7 pm on weekends.

The night safari at Zoom Torino is open until 11 pm. 

Zoom Torino has a seasonal closure from December to February.

When is the best time to visit  Zoom Torino?

The best time to visit Zoom Tornio is at 10 am as soon as the park opens.

All animals are active during the early morning hours.

Visiting during the early opening hours also lets you enjoy a crowd-free experience.

We recommend visiting during the weekdays instead of weekends.

During the weekends, the Zoom Torino park is crowded and you might not be able to get a good sight on your favorite animals.

If you visit during the weekends, visit during lunch hours for minimal crowd.

How long does it take to visit  Zoom Torino?

The time required to see Zoom Torino in Turin, Italy, will vary depending on several variables, including the visitor’s interests. 

It typically takes 1-2 hours to explore all of Zoom Torino’s displays and interactive activities. 

However, guests who want to experience everything the animal park offers might want to stay all day.

How to reach Zoom Torino

Zoom Turino is located in Cumiana Torino, Italy. 

Address: Str. Piscina, 36, 10040 Cumiana TO, Italy.

You can reach Zoom Tornina either by driving or by Train. 

By Car

Drive through the Torino Pinerolo ring road and take the Piscina exit. 

Follow the sign to Cumiana. 

The Zoo is 4 km from the Ring Road. 

By Train

Piscina di Pinerolo Station is the closest station, 1.5 km from Zoom Torino.

Visitors can take the SMF2 line from Porta Susa Station or Lingotto Station in Turin, going towards Pinerolo to get off at Piscina di Pinerolo Station. 

Visitors can hop on to the free shuttle from the train station to the Zoo. 

The shuttle service is only available on weekends from April 15 and daily from June 8 to September 8. 

Zoom Torino Map

Zoom Torino Map
Image: Zoomtorino.it

Zoom Torino occupies a vast space of 180,000 square meters.

We recommend you carry a handy copy of the Zoom Torino map to navigate the zoo with ease.

You can find out various zones, your favorite animals and dining options on the map.

Zones at Zoom Torino

Animals at Zoom Torino
Image: Zoomtorino.it

Zoom Torino occupies 180,000 square meters.

Zoom Torino houses 9 various zones housing animals from all over the world.

The Torino zoo features animals like lemurs, giraffes, rhinos, penguins, tigers, hippos, and Otters and more.

Boabab Farm

Boabab Farm is an African habitat that is home to Somali donkeys, camels, Watusi ox, meerkats and more animals.

Petra Amphitheater

Petra Amphitheater
Image: Zoomtorino.it

The Amphitheater houses 30 species of birds and demonstrates falconry for visitors. 

Hippo Underwater

Hippo Underwater
Image: Zoomtorino.it

This is the first habitat for hippos in Italy. 

Zoom Torino has recreated lake Malawi and its ecosystem, including over 2000 tropical fishes, to make the best habitat for Hippos. 

Serengeti Savannah

Serengeti Savannah
Image: Zoomtorino.it

Step into the African land at Serengeti Savannah. 

Enjoy the perfect opportunity to witness giraffes, zebras, ostriches, rhinos and gazelles on a walking tour. 

Tiger Temple

Tiger Temple
Image: Zoomtorino.it

This Indian temple is home to 3 tigers. 

The temple also houses large pools making it the perfect habitat for these majestic animals. 

The Bay of Penguins

The Bay of Penguins
Image: Zoomtorino.it

Zoom Torino offers the right opportunity to meet cheerful penguins in the middle of Italy. 

You can find the perfect recreation of the Cape Town beach housing a colony of African Penguins in this Zoo. 

Visitors can walk along with the creatures or watch them as they swim. 


Image: Zoomtorino.it

In this habitat, two islands are in the middle of the lake. 

Lemurs, pelicans, flamingos. Seychelles tortoises wander in this habitat. 

Manakara’s Otters

Manakara’s Otters
Image: Zoomtorino.it

Visitors can watch playful otters through the glass windows while playing around the massive hollow tree trunk. 

Asian Jungle

Find ourselves inside Sumatra in Italy. 

This recreation of Asian land features a wooden walkway across a lake that takes you to see the best Asian animals. 

Guests interact with red pandas, porcupines, gibbons, cranes and more animals in this zone. 

Note: The Zoom Torino entry ticket offers access to all the zones of the Zoo

Things to do in Zoom Torino

If you are looking for things to do around Zoom Torino besides watching animals, here is a list of must-try activities. 

Learn more about the animals

Visitors can meet biologists around the zoo and learn exciting facts about the animals. 

Biologists offer around 20 meet-ups every day around the zoo. 

This also includes animal presentations and feeding. 

Bird demonstrations

Bird demonstrations
Image: Zoomtorino.it

Visitors can head to Petra Amphitheater and watch birds like Blackbreasted Eagles, Steppe Eagles, Vultures, Owls and various nocturnal birds. 

These birds perform vaults and display their incredible wingspan. 

Visitors can watch the famous falconry at the Petra Amphitheater. 

Night Safari

Zoom Torino offers an exclusive night safari until 11 pm. 

You can tour around the African Savanah during the night for the best experience. 

Savannah Terrace

Savannah Terrace
Image: Zoomtorino.it

Enjoy the dining experience while watching the Savannah habitat and its wildlife. 

Cocktails are served under the stars until 9 pm. 

Dining at Zoom Torino

Image: Zoomtorino.it

The Zoo offers two restaurants for visitors to enjoy.

You can try traditional and local Italian cuisine at Ombiasy Restaurant. 

This restaurant provides a dine-in experience. 

If you wish to grab on the go, Mr. Jiang’s restaurant offers kebabs, hot dogs and more fast options. 

Relax and rewind

Relax and rewind
Image: Zoomtorino.it

The Zoom Torino has two beaches for all the guests to relax and rewind after a long day of walking. 

Umbrellas and sunbeds are available for rent to relax on the beach. 

You can choose between Boulder Beach, Malawi Beach or the Solarium to relax. 

Kids Special zones at Zoom Torino

Kids Special
Image: Zoomtorino.it

Zoos are an exciting day-out option for children and Zoom Torino offers them a place to learn and participate in the adventure. 

Adventurous jungle paths, rocks, suspension bridges, swings, etc are around the Zoo to keep the little ones occupied. 

Note: The Zoom Torino entry ticket offers access to all the zones and play areas of the zoo.


1. Where can I buy Zoom Torino tickets?

The most convenient way to buy Zoom Torino tickets is through their official website. 

Or, You can also buy tickets directly at the entrance of Zoom Torino on the day of your visit. 

However, keep in mind that during peak seasons or busy periods, there might be queues or limited availability, so purchasing in advance online is recommended.

2. Is Zoom Torino worth going to?

Yes, Zoom Torino is absolutely worth visiting. 

Zoom Torino, or Parco Natura Viva, is an animal park in Turin, Italy. 

Whether or not it is worth going depends on your personal interests and preferences. 

However, here are some factors to consider when deciding if Zoom Torino is worth visiting:

You can experience the varied animal diversity, learn about conservation and gain interactive experiences. 

3. How long does it take to walk around Zoom Torino?

Zoom Torino is a spacious park with various sections, including Safari Park, Fauna Park, and Aviary. 

The Safari Park, which offers a drive-through experience, generally takes 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. 

The Fauna Park and Aviary can take an additional 2 to 3 hours or more, depending on your level of interest and engagement.

4. What is Zoom Torino famous for?

Zoom Torino is known for its impressive Safari Park, where visitors can embark on a drive-through experience. 

The park is also famous for its diverse collection of animals. 

Zoom Torino is home to many species, including lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and rhinos.

5. Can you take your own food to Zoom Torino?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your own food to Zoom Torino. 

The park provides designated picnic areas for visitors to enjoy packed meals or snacks. 

Bringing your own food can be a convenient option, especially if you have specific dietary preferences or prefer a picnic-style meal during your visit.

6. How long should you spend at Zoom Torino?

The Safari Park is a significant attraction at Zoom Torino. 

It typically takes about 1 to 1.5 hours to complete the drive-through experience. 

The Fauna Park and Aviary are sections where you can explore on foot and observe animals up close. 

You may want to allocate 2 to 3 hours for leisurely exploration.

7. Is Zoom Torino open for visitors?

Yes, Zom Torino is open to visitors!

8. How much does it cost to visit Zoom Torino?

Here are the approximate prices for visitors planning to visit Zoom Torino:

– Adult Ticket (ages 12-64): Approximately €20 to €25 per person.
– Child Ticket (ages 4-11): Approximately €15 to €20 per person.
– Senior Ticket (ages 65+): Approximately €15 to €20 per person.

Note: Free admission may be available for children under 4.

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