Bioparque Temaiken tickets, prices, hours, animals, keepers’ talks and more

Argentina’s province of Buenos Aires is home to the famed zoo and aquarium known as Temaiken. 

Since its opening in 1984, it has gained popularity among tourists and residents. 

The park has around 2000 animals from more than 350 different species and has a surface area of about 34 hectares. 

Temaiken is not just a place to have fun; its many displays and programs support education and conservation. 

Visitors can explore the park’s various habitats, get up and personal with creatures, and discover the value of protecting the environment.

This article gives all the information about Temaikan biopark tickets, prices, discounts, opening hours, what to expect, things to do and more.

Best Temaiken Zoo tickets
# Temaiken Zoo entry ticket
# Temaiken Zoo entry ticket with transport

Temaiken Zoo ticket

All visitors need to purchase a ticket to enter the Temaiken Zoo. 

There is a simple entry ticket and a ticket with transportation. 

The entry ticket gives access to all parts of the zoo, including the biopark, Aquarium, Museum of Natural History and more. 

The Temaiken Zoo ticket with transportation offers pickup from hotels at Buenos Aires to the Zoo and a guide. 

Temaiken Zoo entry ticket price

The Temaiken Zoo entry ticket costs AR$ 5605 ($24) for visitors above nine years old.

Tickets for children between two to eight years cost AR$ 5362 ($23).

Kids below the age of 2 enjoy free admission. 

AgeTicket Price
Adult ticket (9 to 99 years) AR$ 5605 ($24)
Child ticket (2 to 8 years) AR$5362 ($23)

Temaiken Zoo entry ticket with transportation price

The Temaiken Zoo ticket with transportation costs AR$ 51080 ($218) for all visitors above three years. 

Kids below two years enjoy free entry when accompanied by an adult. 

AgeTicket Price
Adult ticket (3 to 99 years) AR$ 51,080 ($218) 

Temaiken Zoo opening hours 

The Temaiken Zoo opening hours are from 10 am to 7 pm throughout the week during the Summer (December to February).

The opening hours change during the winter months of March to November. 

The Temaiken Zoo is open only from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm during winter.

The Park is closed on December 24, 25 and 31, January 1 and Good Friday.

The last entry into Temaiken Biopark is one hour before the closing time. 

When is the best time to visit Temaiken, Argentina?

The best time to visit Temaiken in Argentina is spring (September to November) and fall (March to May). 

During these times, the weather is mild and comfortable, with fewer crowds. 

It’s also a great time to see many animals and birds in their natural habitats and enjoy the beautiful gardens and outdoor exhibits. 

Avoid visiting during the summer months (December to February) when temperatures can be hot and humid and opening hours are longer. 

How long does it take to visit Temaiken, Argentina?

A visit to Temaiken, Argentina, can take three to four hours to a full day, depending on how much time you want to spend exploring the park. 

With over 2,500 animals and more than 1,000 species, Temaiken offers a unique experience for animal lovers. 

The park also features various exhibitions, shows, and educational programs, making it an excellent destination for families with children.

How to get to Temaiken Zoo

Temaiken is an ecological park and aquarium located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

It is located in Belén de Escobar, about 50 kilometers (31 miles) north of Buenos Aires.

Temaikan Zoo is a 45 minute drive outside Buenos Aires. 

Address: RP25, B1625 Belén de Escobar, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Get Directions.

You can reach Temaikan Zoo by the following means:

By Bus 

There are two buses that visitors can take to reach the Temaikan Zoo. 

Line 194 A and 60 A connect Buenos Aires to Escobar. 

The lines provide direct service from Plaza Italia in Buenos Aires to Escobar. 

The services have a stop at Belen de Escobar, 15 blocks from Temaiken Zoo. 

From there, visitors can either walk through Route 25 to the zoo or take bus line 276 on Route 25 to the biopark. 

By Car

If you are traveling from the Federal Captial or North, take the Pan American Route Escobar-Campana branch (RN 9) towards Escobar. 

From the town of Escobar, drive on Route 25 to Matheu-Pilar.

Continue in the direction of traffic for 1  km to reach Temaiken Zoo. 

Things to do in Temaiken Argentina

Temaiken is an impressive wildlife park and aquarium in Buenos Aires, Argentina that offers visitors an incredible opportunity to learn about and appreciate the natural world. 

Here are some of the top things to do in Temaiken:

Visit the aquarium

The aquarium is home to diverse marine life, including sea lions, penguins, sharks, and tropical fish.

The Aquarium has various regions like the Tide Pool, Sweet Water, Oceans and Surprising Inhabitants. 

The Tide Pool portrays the coastal ecology of Argentina and all its native species. 

Sweet water displays the life in the Argentine river Mesopotamia and its marine species. 

The ocean section of the Aquarium includes various giant marine animals like sharks.

Lastly, surprising inhabitants is the latest section of Temaikan Zoo. 

Here you can find species from around the world, like the Amazon, the Caribbean and Oceania. 

Explore the aviary

The Aviary is home to more than 2500 birds from over 5 continents. 

The Aviary is designed to recreate bird’s natural habitat and allow visitors to have a unique experience with them. 

Spread over 3 hectares, the Aviary holds 5 biomes. 

This includes Passerine birds, birds of America, Macaws, Toucans and Parrots section, Cassowaries, Birds of Africa, Eurasian birds, Birds of oceanian and Flamingo Lagoon. 

There is also CIELA, a bird interpretation center. 

Wander through the animal habitats

Temaiken has a range of habitats where you can see animals like tigers, elephants, reptiles, and many others up close.

You can walk through Africa, Mesopotamia or Patagonia. 

Mesopotamia presents life inside the Argentine River, whereas Patagonia is a kid’s favorite zone filled with interesting animals like Capybaras. 

Visit the nocturnal house, an exhibit dedicated to animals that are active at night, such as bats and owls.

Take a guided tour

Take a guided tour
Image: Facebook.com

Temaiken offers guided tours with expert guides who can provide fascinating insights into the animals and their habitats.

The Temaiken entry ticket with transport option also provides you with a guide. 

Watch a show

Temaiken has regular shows featuring animals like sea lions, birds of prey, and parrots.

Try the food

Various restaurants and cafes on-site offer delicious food and drinks.

Learn about conservation efforts

Temaiken is committed to conservation and has various exhibits and programs dedicated to educating visitors about protecting wildlife and their habitats.

Attend special events

Temaiken hosts various annual special events, such as concerts and cultural festivals.

Shop for souvenirs

There are several gift shops where you can buy souvenirs and gifts related to the park and its animals.

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