10 Tips for visiting Singapore Zoo – 2023 How to guide

Singapore Zoo opened its doors on 27 June 1973 as the Singapore Zoological Gardens, featuring around 300 animals from 70 species. 

Over the years, it has grown significantly, and today, visitors can marvel at a diverse collection of 2,800 animals from over 300 species.

The Zoo houses creatures from around the globe, including Africa, America, Australia, and other parts of Asia.

Singapore Zoo offers unique experiences like breakfast with Orangutans and tram rides inside the zoo. 

To make the most of your visit, here are the top 10 Singapore Zoo tips for an enjoyable experience.

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1. Know the best time to visit

The best time to visit Singapore Zoo is 8.30 am when the zoo opens. 

Singapore Zoo gets heavily crowded after 10 am. 

We recommend you visit during weekdays instead of weekends to beat the crowds. 

2. Book your tickets in advance

As one of the most popular attractions in Singapore, zoo tickets are in high demand. 

Hence buy the Singapore Zoo tickets online and in advance. 

When you buy your tickets online, you can avoid waiting in ticket counter queues which can go up to 1.5 hours during weekends and public holidays. 

During weekdays the line takes up to 30 minutes. 

Also, online tickets offer discount tickets you can not find at the venue. 

Consider booking feeding session tickets in advance through the Mandai website.

3. Carry a Singapore Zoo Map

Grab a Singapore Zoo map to plan your route and efficiently use your time upon entry.

With the map, you can find habitats, feeding locations, animal presentation areas and more. 

When visiting with kids, a Singapore Zoo map comes in handy to find all their favorite animals and necessary amenities. 

4. Plan a full-day trip

Mandai Reserve, where Singapore Zoo is located, has a lot of things to do and experience. 

We suggest you allocate an entire day to tour the Singapore Zoo.

After visiting Singapore Zoo, you visit the River Wonders and take a Singapore Night safari. 

5. Pack light

Keep your bag light to ease walking throughout the day.

When visiting with kids, carry all their necessary items but do not over pack. You can find various amenities in the zoo. 

Parents can also make use of strollers and wagons in the zoo. 

If you are traveling with luggage, you can drop them at the rental locker rooms available in the zoo. 

6. Attend feeding sessions and shows

Feeding sessions, animal presentations and shows are the perfect opportunity to learn more about the animals. 

Plan your zoo tour around the show timings and arrive a few minutes early at the venues.

To be on time, ensure you know the zoo timings and carry a map. 

Participate in feeding the animal sessions but refrain from giving food to animals at other times.

7. Enjoy a picnic

Enjoy picnics at designated areas like Pavilion by the Lake, the Garden with a view, and the Picnic area, where outside food is allowed.

You can carry your picnic basket and enjoy a pleasant day with your family, friends or date. This zoo is perfect for all.

8.Watch out for macaques

Macaques approach visitors and try to take away their food.

If you see macaques around, keep calm and move away quickly. 

Do not engage with these naughty little members of the park.

9. Take a tram ride

Utilize the tram service for a convenient and informative way to explore the zoo and learn about various animal species and zones.

If you are traveling with the kids, this is one of the best ways to tour the zoo without walking long distances. 

10. Visit Rainforest KidsWorld

All families visiting with kids should visit Rainforest KidsWorld. 

This zone offers interactions with domestic animals, play areas, games and more. 

Pack your swimming gear as the kids want to dive into the water-play area in Rainforest Kidzworld.

Singapore Zoo Rules and Regulations

There are some rules and regulations all visitors need to follow for a pleasant visit to the Singapore zoo. 

  • Keep the zoo safe for animals by avoiding flammable or dangerous items.
  • Please refrain from bringing pets to the zoo for the safety and well-being of the animals and your pets.
  • Respect the smoke-free zone and use designated bins for garbage disposal.
  • Preserve the zoo’s environment by not taking anything or releasing animals.
  • Capture memories responsibly: no flash photography or commercial media without permission.
  • Avoid disturbing animals: no feeding, touching, teasing, or causing disruption.
  • Respect the animals’ comfort: no balloons are allowed inside the zoo.
  • Ensure a safe tram ride by always keeping your hands and feet inside. Avoid any unnecessary movements or actions that could pose a risk to yourself and others during the journey.
  • Ensure safety by refraining from bringing rollerblades, skates, skateboards, scooters, or bicycles inside the zoo.

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