Singapore Zoo Map

Planning your Zoo visit with the Singapore Zoo’s map is highly recommended, especially when traveling with kids. 

The Singapore Zoo map saves time, prevents exhaustion, and ensures you will attend animal exhibits or scheduled activities like Keeper Talks and Feeding sessions.

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The map highlights essential visitor services like restaurants, washrooms, and Tram stops.

ATMs and First Aid centers are also marked, providing peace of mind for a more enjoyable experience.

Zones in Singapore Zoo

There are 12 zones in Singapore Zoo covering all the habitats from the African desert to the mangroves. 

The zones in Singapore Zoo are as follows: 

  • Primate Kingdom 
  • Elephants of Asia
  • Australia 
  • Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia 
  • Orangutan Island and Broadwalk 
  • Wild Africa
  • Fragile Forest
  • Rainforest KidzWorld
  • Tortoise Shell-ter
  • Reptile Garden
  • Reptopia
  • Treetop trails

You can find various habitats on the Singapore Map, where shows and presentations are held. 

Make sure you look into the Singapore Zoo show timings and carry the map to reach your location on time. 

Amenities Offered

The Singapore Zoo map highlights all the essential amenities for visitors. 

The zoo provides many facilities to enhance guests’ experiences during their visit. 

From nursing rooms and diaper-changing facilities for families with young children to in-park WiFi for staying connected, the zoo ensures convenience and enjoyment for all. 

Visitors can explore the gift shops to find souvenirs and mementos. 

It will allow them to take home memories of their time at the Singapore Zoo.

Some of the amenities offered by the Singapore Zoo are:


For cash withdrawals and other ATM services, visitors can find POSB and UOB ATMs at the main entrance, next to the Membership & Experiences Centre.

Lost & Found

In case of any lost items within Singapore Zoo, guests can seek immediate assistance by approaching the helpful staff at the Membership Services Centre.

Nursing Rooms

Singapore Zoo offers nursing rooms at key locations, including Rainforest KidzWorld, Reptile Garden, and the main entrance, ensuring a comfortable experience for families with young children.

Diaper Changing Facilities

Parents can be assured that diaper-changing facilities are easily accessible throughout the zoo. 

These facilities can be found at various locations such as Rainforest KidzWorld, Singapore Zoo entrance, Wildlife Learning Centre, Ah Meng Restaurant, Reptile Garden, and Pavilion by the Lake.

Mobility Access

To cater to the needs of families with infants and toddlers, Singapore Zoo provides stroller and wagon rentals and electric scooters. 

Complimentary wheelchairs are also available at the park entrance for visitors requiring mobility assistance.

In-park WiFi

To stay connected, visitors can turn on their device’s WiFi and connect to the network ‘PARK_FREE_WIFI’ for free.

First Aid

The safety and well-being of guests are a top priority at Singapore Zoo. 

For any health concerns, visitors can seek help from the dedicated staff at the first aid stations at the main entrance and Rainforest KidzWorld. 

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are also placed at these locations and at Ah Meng Bistro.

Left Luggage

Singapore Zoo offers left luggage services at the Rental Services counter to facilitate a hassle-free visit. 

Travelers with oversized luggage can securely store their belongings. 

The baggage services start at $10 for the first 3 hours and $2 for every additional hour or part thereof.

Prayer Room

Singapore Zoo provides a dedicated prayer room for guests seeking a moment of peace and reflection. 

Visitors can approach the friendly staff at the park’s reception counter for assistance in locating the prayer room.

Rain Gear

Singapore’s tropical climate can sometimes bring unexpected rain showers. 

To stay prepared, visitors can conveniently purchase ponchos and umbrellas at the gift shops inside the zoo premises.

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