Everything About Prospect Park Zoo Ticket, Prices, What to See, Animals, Shows and More

Featuring over 400 species of animals, Prospect Park Zoo is an excellent place for people of all ages to explore and learn about wildlife from around the world. 

Prospect Park Zoo also offers interactive exhibits, educational programs and exciting events over 12 acres in the heart of Brooklyn. 

Whether you’re looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city or want to spend some quality time with animals, Prospect Park Zoo is the perfect destination.

This article explains the Prospect Park Zoo tickets, things to do, directions and more.

Best Prospect Park Zoo tickets

# Prospect Park two hours guided walking tour

What to Expect at Prospect Park Zoo

At the Prospect Park Zoo, visitors explore the exhibits and habitats created to provide the animals with the best possible environment. 

Each habitat at the Zoo mimics the animal’s natural environment, and visitors learn about the species with interpretive signs throughout the Zoo.

In addition to the animals, visitors stroll through the zoo’s many gardens and landscaped areas. 

These areas allow visitors to get up close and personal with nature and learn more about the plants and animals that inhabit the area.

The Prospect Park Zoo has a gift shop, cafés and picnic areas where visitors can relax and enjoy snacks.

Furthermore, the Prospect Park Zoo offers a variety of educational programs, which includes

  • Zoo Camp: a summer camp adventure at the Zoo
  • Animal Explorers: Learn about the animals and their habitats
  • Animal Encounters: Hands-on activities and animal-themed crafts
  • Animal Science: Learn about the science behind the animals
  • Conservation Education: Learn about the importance of conservation
  • Animal Care: Learn how to care for animals in captivity
  • Citizen Science: Participate in real-world data collection and research

These include hands-on experiences with animals, interactive exhibits and activities for children and adults, which includes

  • Zoo Trails: Guided walking tours of the Zoo
  • 4-D Theater: Experience fun 4-D films with thrilling special effects
  • Animal Feedings: Catch a glimpse of the animals being fed
  • Animal Encounters: Get up close and personal with some of the animals
  • Pony Rides: Take a ride around the Zoo on a real pony
  • Carousel: Enjoy a spin on the old-fashioned carousel
  • Playground: Let the kids run around and play in the playground


  • African Savanna: Home to giraffes, zebra, warthogs and ostrich
  • Exotic Rainforest: Houses parrots, sloths, bats and more
  • North American Woods: Home to bears, beavers, otters and more
  • Aquatic Animals: Habitat for penguins, seals and sea lions
  • Nocturnal Animals: Home to kinkajous, porcupines and more

Special events throughout the year provide an opportunity to learn more about the animals and their habitats.

Prospect Park Zoo Tickets

Prospect Park Zoo Tickets
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Purchase your Prospect Park tickets online for an accessible and contactless entrance!

2-Hour Prospect Park Guided Walking Tour

The tour starts at the Brooklyn Public Library and takes you through some of the natural and historical sites of Prospect Park, including 

  • The Long Meadow
  • The Ravine
  • The lakes and streams

Your knowledgeable guide will tell you about the park’s wildlife, architecture and how its use has changed through time.

Hear about the ideas of the park’s originators, Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux and the current projects that promote 

  • Conservation 
  • Historic preservation
  • Recreational and cultural opportunities

Prospect Park Zoo tour prices

Age Ticket price
Adult tour (13 to 64 years)$25
Senior tour (65+ years)$23
Student tour (13+ years) $23
Child tour (5 to 12 years)$13
Infant tour (4 years and younger)Free entry

Prospect Park Zoo opening time

Prospect Park Zoo is open to the public year-round, with extended hours during the summer months. 

During the winter season (6 November To 31 March), the zoo opens at 10 am and closes at 4.30 pm throughout the week. 

The zoo has varying opening hours during the spring and summer seasons (April 1 to November 4, 2023). 

It opens at 10 am and closes at 5 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 5.30 pm on weekends and holidays.

Best time to visit Prospect Park Zoo

The best time to go to the Prospect Park Zoo would be when it opens at 10 am. 

The animals are usually the most active at this time, and the crowds have yet to start to arrive. 

As the temperature rises during the day, the animals move to shaded areas and become less energetic. 

To avoid crowds, going mid-week rather than on weekends is recommended.

How to reach Prospect Park Zoo

Prospect Park Zoo is located at 450 Flatbush Avenue.

Address: 450 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225, United States. Get Directions.

It can be easily accessed by public transportation & cars.

By Subway

Take the subway to Prospect Park Zoo. Here is a list of nearby stations and distances from the Museum.

Station NameDistance
Prospect Park7 min walk
Eastern Pkwy-Brooklyn Museum8 min walk
Franklin Av-Medgar Evers College8 min walk

By Bus

The closest bus stations and their distance from Prospect Park Zoo

Station NameDistance
Flatbush Av/Park Entrance3 min walk
Flatbush Av/Ocean Av5 min walk
Empire Bl/Flatbush Av6 min walk
Empire Bl/Washington Av6 min walk

By Car

Drivers can access the park via the Prospect Park West entrance or any of the following park entrances: 

  • Grand Army Plaza
  • Lincoln Road/Ocean Avenue
  • 9th Street/Prospect Park West
  • Parkside Avenue/Ocean Avenue

To save yourself from long queues and last-minute disappointments, we suggest buying Prospect Park Zoo tickets online in advance.

What to see at Prospect Park Zoo

Prospect Park Zoo is home to over 400 animals from over 80 species. 

The Zoo is a great place to explore and learn about animals and their habitats. 

When visiting Prospect Park Zoo, check out the Discovery Trail, the Animal Lifestyles Building foyer, A red panda and the Sea Lion Pool.

Prospect Park Zoo Discovery Trail

The Prospect Park Zoo Discovery Trail is a 1.5-mile loop that takes visitors on a journey through the Zoo’s diverse habitats, showcasing the animals that live there.

Along the way, visitors can observe and learn about some of the Zoo’s most famous animals, such as the African lion, red panda, Amur tiger and California sea lion. 

The trail also features interactive exhibits, educational displays and a variety of activities designed to engage and educate zoo-goers of all ages.

The Foyer of the Animal Lifestyles Building

The Foyer of the Animal Lifestyles Building is a great place to get an introduction to the animals of Prospect Park Zoo. 

Here, visitors can explore various interactive exhibits showcasing the species found in the Zoo, such as the African lion, Amur tiger and red panda. 

The exhibits feature information on the animals’ natural habitats, diets, behavior and conservation status, providing an opportunity to learn more about their lives in the wild.

A Red Panda at the Prospect Park Zoo

The red panda is one of the most beloved animals at the Prospect Park Zoo. 

These small, cat-like creatures are native to the Eastern Himalayas and can be found in the Zoo’s Asian Highlands exhibit. 

Visitors can watch the red pandas as they play, climb and eat their bamboo diet. The red pandas can also be lounging in the sun or napping in the trees.

The Sea Lion Pool 

The Sea Lion Pool in the Center Court of Prospect Park Zoo is a visitor must-see. 

Visitors can watch the California sea lions as they show off their acrobatic skills and interact with their trainers. 

The sea lions perform a variety of entertaining shows, such as synchronous swimming, balancing balls on their noses and playing catch. 

The pool also features touch pools where visitors can get up close and personal with the sea lions.

FAQs about Prospect Park Zoo Tickets

1. How much are Prospect Park Zoo tickets?

The cost of admission to Prospect Park Zoo ticket depends on the visitor’s age. . 

The Prospect Park Zoo ticket costs $10 for adults (18 to 64 years), $7 for children ( 3 to 17 years) and $8 for senior citizens (65 years and above). 

Children under the age of 3 enjoy free entry. 

You can also book a Prospect Park Zoo walking guided tour for a better experience. 

2. How long does it take to see everything at the Prospect Park Zoo?

To get the most out of a visit to Prospect Park Zoo, it is recommended to allow at least two hours to take in all the attractions in detail.

This allows you to take your time while wandering around the various animal enclosures, join in on keeper talks, attend feeding sessions and more.

However, if you are in a rush, you can still get an overview of the zoo in roughly an hour.

3. Which is better, Prospect Park Zoo or the Central Park Zoo?

It is difficult to say which zoo is better as it depends on personal preference. 

Prospect Park Zoo offers unique attractions, such as a petting zoo, a carousel and various interactive exhibits. 

On the other hand, Central Park Zoo is the oldest in the country and features many animals, including penguins and snow leopards. 

Both zoos offer educational programs and exhibits and provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about animals and their habitats.

4. What time does the Prospect Park Zoo close?

Prospect Park Zoo’s closing hours change throughout the year, depending on the season. 

November 6 to March 31: Animal exhibits close at 4 pm and the zoo closes at 4.30 pm.  

April 1 to November 4: Animal exhibits close at 4.30 pm, the zoo closes at 5 pm on Monday to Friday and 5.30 pm on weekends and holidays.

5. What animals are at the Prospect Park Zoo?

At the Prospect Park Zoo, you can view a wide variety of animals, such as reptiles, amphibians, and various forest and water birds. 

Here are the few top attractions animals 

– Alpaca 
– Black-tailed Prairie Dog 
– California Sea Lion 
– Dingo 
– Dwarf Mongoose 
– Emu 
– Geoffroy’s Marmoset 
– Golden Lion Tamarin

6. What is Prospect Park famous for?

Prospect Park is famous for its many attractions, including its 
– Long Meadow
– Picnic House
– Litchfield Villa
– Prospect Park Zoo
– Boathouse
– Concert Grove
– Brooklyn’s only lake
– Prospect Park Bandshell

The park is also known for its outdoor concerts in the summertime.

7. Can you bring food to Prospect Park Zoo?

Yes, you can bring food to Prospect Park Zoo. 

The zoo has new dining options, including the Sea Lion Store and Café, with freshly prepared sandwiches, salads and many healthy snacks. 

Ice cream, Dippin’ Dots, candy and coffee are also available. 

You can also bring lunch at one of the outdoor picnic tables.

8. Does Prospect Park Zoo have parking?

For visitors who are driving, parking is available in the surrounding area. 

The closest lot is the Prospect Park Zoo Parking Garage, Flatbush Avenue and Empire Boulevard, a 10-minute walk from the zoo. 

The garage is open from 8 am to 8 pm.

9. Is the Prospect Park Zoo worth it?

The zoo is home to over 800 animals from over 200 species and offers an educational, fun and family-friendly experience. 

It has various exhibits, including a sea lion pool and a rainforest. 

The zoo also offers educational programs, like a summer camp for kids. 

Plus, the zoo is less crowded than Manhattan’s Central Park Zoo, making it the perfect place for a more relaxing and peaceful experience.

10. What time of year is best to visit the Prospect Park Zoo?

The best time to visit the Prospect Park Zoo is spring and summer, from April through September. 

During these months, the weather is mild and comfortable, making it ideal for a day of exploring the zoo. 

The animals are also more active during this time, making spotting and having a great experience easier. 

The zoo is also filled with beautiful blooms and lush greenery, adding to the overall experience.

11. Do you have to buy tickets ahead of time for Prospect Park Zoo?

Yes, you have to buy tickets ahead of time for Prospect Park Zoo

This is because the Zoo has implemented a timed ticketing system to manage visitor capacity and ensure a safe, enjoyable experience for everyone.

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