Melbourne Zoo Tickets, Prices, Hours, Animals, What to see and more.

One of Melbourne, Australia’s most well-liked tourist attractions, is the Melbourne Zoo in the center of Royal Park.

The zoo has many rare and endangered creatures, including lions, tigers, elephants, gorillas and koalas.

It has over 320 animal species from Australia and around the world and is one of the must-visit zoos worldwide. 

With various interactive exhibits and educational programs for visitors of all ages, the zoo is dedicated to encouraging animal conservation and education. 

A trip to the Melbourne Zoo is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for everyone, whether you’re an animal lover or part of a family with small children.

Best Melbourne Zoo tickets

# Melbourne Zoo entry ticket
# Melbourne Zoo and SEALIFE Melbourne Combo tickets

Best Melbourne Zoo Tickets

All visitors need tickets to visit the Melbourne Zoo. 

Here are some of the best Melbourne Zoo tickets. 

Melbourne Zoo entry ticket

Melbourne Zoo entry ticket
Image: Zoo.org.au

The Melbourne Zoo entry ticket provides access to the zoo’s 320+ animal species worldwide.

Take a relaxing stroll through the rich tropical forests of Asia and Africa, where tigers wander and monkeys playfully swing from branch to branch. 

Explore the Australian wildlife in an authentic bush setting and get a chance to interact with koalas, kangaroos, wombats and emus. 

Dive into the underwater world to catch a glimpse of the iconic little penguins and Australian fur seals that call Victoria their home.

This Melbourne Zoo ticket includes:

  • Skip the ticket line access
  • Melbourne Zoo entrance
  • Animal keeper presentations

Melbourne Zoo ticket prices

Age group Ticket price
Adult ticket (16 + years)AUD 42
Child ticket (4 to 15 years)AUD 21
A student with an ID (16 +years)AUD 32
Infant (up to 3 years) AUD 0

SEALIFE Melbourne + Melbourne Zoo ticket Combination 

SEALIFE Melbourne Melbourne Zoo ticket Combination
Image: Tripadvisor.in, Image: Viator.com

With this combo ticket, visitors can explore the marine life at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium and then head to Melbourne Zoo to see the various animals. 

At the Melbourne Zoo, you can see tigers, lions, elephants, koalas, and kangaroos. 

The ticket is valid for a single entry to each attraction within 90 days of the selected date.

Visitors can choose between the two attractions as to which one they would like to visit first.

This ticket includes

  • Skip-the-line admission to SEA LIFE Melbourne
  • General Admission to Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo combination ticket price: 

Age group Ticket price
Adult (16 to 99 years) AUD 85
Children (4 to 15 years) AUD 49

Melbourne Zoo opening hours 

The opening hours for Melbourne Zoo are from 9 am to 5 pm.

Keepers talk timings of Melbourne Zoo are as follows: 

Keeper TalkTimings
Baboons Keeper Talk10.40 am
Giant Tortoises Keeper Talk10.40 am
Gorillaz Keeper Talk10.45 am
Elephants Keeper Talk11 am
Koalas Keeper Talk11 am
Giraffe Keeper Talk11.30 am
Snow Leopard Keeper Talk11.45 am
Orangutans Keeper Talk12 pm
Lions Keeper Talk12.30 pm
Meerkats Keeper Talk1.15 pm
Elephants Keeper Talk2 pm
Tigers Keeper Talk 3.30 pm
Penguins Keeper Talk3.45 pm
Pygmy Hippo Keeper Talk 4 pm

When is the best time to visit Melbourne Zoo?

Going as early as possible is advised because the Melbourne Zoo opens at 9 am. 

Animal sightings are more likely earlier in the day when they are just beginning their day. 

Early morning visits to the zoo also allow you to enjoy the peace while avoiding crowds.

The best time of year to visit the zoo is in the early summer or in January and February when the weather is warm and sunny.

To experience nature peacefully, one can always avoid visiting the zoo on weekends and holidays. 

How long does it take to visit Melbourne Zoo?

Depending on your interests and the level of depth you choose to explore, the length of your visit to Melbourne Zoo will vary. 

The main zoo attractions can be seen in roughly 2-3 hours on average. 

You should allot more time if you want to participate in any of the animal encounters or performances.

Melbourne Zoo map

Melbourne Zoo map

We suggest visitors carry the Melbourne Zoo map with them during their visit for an uninterrupted zoo tour. 

How to get to Melbourne Zoo? 

Melbourne Zoo is just a few minutes from the city’s center in Royal Park. 

Address: Elliott Ave, Parkville VIC 3052, Australia. Get Directions.

It can be reached from Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) in 20 minutes.

By Tram

Stop 26 on Route 58 is located directly outside the Melbourne Zoo. 

Route 58 travels between West Coburg and Toorak and passes through William Street in the city’s heart every 6 minutes. 

By Train

Melbourne Zoo’s entrance is directly across from Royal Park Station.

You can board the Upfield Line trains departing Flinders Street Station to reach Royal Park Station. 

By Bus

Bus route 505 from Moonee Ponds to Melbourne University stops outside Melbourne Zoo. 

While commuting by public transport is the most inexpensive and eco-friendly way to visit the Melbourne Zoo, one can also travel by private automobile. 

By car

Melbourne Zoo is approximately 20 minutes from Melbourne Airport and only five minutes north of the city center at Royal Park.

Parking at Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo has a large parking area for visitors at the Elliott Avenue main entrance. 

Around 400 parking spaces are available, with additional overflow parking available during peak times.

The parking fee is $2 per hour for the first four hours and a flat rate of $8 for stays longer than four hours. 

Visitors can pay for parking at the pay stations at the car park entrance or exit or via the Zoo’s mobile app.

Parking near Melbourne Zoo

Other nearby Melbourne Zoo parking zones are: 

  • Melbourne Sports Centre Parkville at 10 Brens Drive, Parkville VIC 3052. It is 8 minutes from the zoo entrance. 
  • Ikon Park at 400 Royal Parade, Carlton North VIC 3054. It is 15 minutes from the Zoo entrance. 
  • Local Street parking is also available around The Avenue and Royal Parade Zoo. 

Things to do at Melbourne Zoo

Things to do
Image: Facebook.com

The zoo is set across 22 hectares of gorgeous landscapes and is home to over 320 different species of animals.

The zoo’s extensive displays range from the Australian bush to the African savannah.

You can spend a whole day getting up and personal with some of the fascinating animals on the planet.

The Melbourne Zoo has plenty to offer everyone, whether you’re traveling alone, with the company, or with children.

Melbourne Zoo Animal Encounters

Melbourne Zoo Animal Encounters
Image: Facebook.com

Melbourne Zoo offers a variety of animal encounters for visitors who want to get up close and personal with the animals. 

Here are some of the animal encounters available at Melbourne Zoo:

Lemur Encounter

Visitors can meet the charming lemurs of Madagascar and learn about their unique behaviors and conservation efforts.

Giraffe Encounter

Giraffe Encounter
Image: Facebook.com

Get a chance to feed the tallest mammal and learn about their diet and behavior.

Penguin Encounter

Visitors can meet the delightful little penguins of Melbourne Zoo and learn about their behaviors and the conservation efforts to protect their habitat.

Elephant Encounter

Visitors can meet the gentle giants of Melbourne Zoo and learn about their behaviors and conservation efforts. 

Reptile Encounter

Visitors can meet some of the scaly and fascinating reptiles of Melbourne Zoo and learn about their unique adaptations and conservation efforts.

Melbourne Zoo Conservation

In addition to seeing the animals and attending events, Melbourne Zoo offers a range of conservation programs and initiatives.

Here are some things to do at Melbourne Zoo related to conservation:

Zoo Learning Programs

Melbourne Zoo offers a variety of learning programs for visitors of all ages. 

These programs are designed to provide an interactive and educational experience, helping visitors learn more about the animals and their habitats.

Melbourne Zoo Conservation Programs

Melbourne Zoo is committed to conserving wildlife and its habitats. 

They offer a range of conservation programs, such as the Fighting Extinction program, which focuses on breeding programs and habitat restoration for endangered species.

Sustainable Living

The zoo is also committed to sustainable living practices; visitors can learn about them through their programs. 

These programs aim to promote sustainable living practices to reduce our impact on the environment and wildlife.


Image: Facebook.com

Melbourne Zoo offers a range of volunteering opportunities for those interested in helping with animal care, conservation research and education programs.

Behind-the-Scenes Tours 

Visitors can book a behind-the-scenes tour of the zoo’s facilities and learn about the animal care and conservation programs.

Animal Experiences in Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo is a popular destination for animal lovers and visitors looking for a unique experience. 

There are many animals to see and interact with at the zoo, including mammals, birds, reptiles and more.

Gorilla Rainforest

You can travel to Africa on this route, which features some of the silliest apes, including lemurs, gorillas and monkeys. 

On this route, you might also get the opportunity to interact with Cassowary, a pygmy hippopotamus from the Melbourne Zoo. 

Trail of the Elephants 

Trail of the Elephants is a portion of the zoo that has won awards. It features a verdant Asian hamlet and park. 

Learn about the struggle for the survival of critically endangered Asian elephants here. 

Increasing Wild 

Increasing Wild
Image: Zoo.org.au

You can take this walk to view the World of Frogs’ incredible conservation efforts and to see giraffes, meerkats and zebras.

Australian Bush 

This is the trail to take if you want to learn everything there is to know about Australian biodiversity. 

This trail is home to Southern Koalas, Tasmanian Devils, Wombats, Kangaroos and Emus, Red-tailed Black Cockatoos, honeyeaters and more.

Lion Gorge

Discover the zoo’s most spectacular creatures, such as Tigers, Snow Leopards and Philippine Crocodiles. 

Since crocodiles are one of the zoo’s most endangered animals, seeing them on this walk is a true treat. 

Melbourne Zoo Events

Melbourne Zoo hosts various events throughout the year that provide visitors with a unique and immersive experience with the animals.

 Here are some of the events that you can look forward to at Melbourne Zoo:

Zoo Twilights

This event is held during the summer months, and features live music performances by local and international artists in the zoo’s beautiful outdoor setting.

Wild Nights  

Wild Night is an after-hours event that takes place during the winter months. 

Visitors can explore the zoo at night and see the animals in a different light, as well as enjoy entertainment and food.

Keeper Kids

This event is perfect for young animal lovers. 

Kids get to help the zookeepers with their daily duties, such as preparing food, cleaning enclosures and helping to feed the animals.

Roar ‘n’ Snore

Spend the night at the zoo with Roar ‘n’ Snore. 

This experience allows visitors to camp out in safari-style tents and enjoy guided night tours of the zoo.

Animal Encounters

Animal Encounters
Image: Zoo.org.au

Visitors can book an animal encounter and get up close and personal with some of the zoo’s most famous animals. 

Meet the meerkats, hand-feed the giraffes, or take a behind-the-scenes tour of the zoo’s facilities.

Twilight Tours

Twilight Tours allow visitors to experience the zoo after hours and learn about the animals’ nocturnal behaviors from the zookeepers.

Other Zoos to visit in Oceania

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Carnis Zoom and Wildlife Dome 
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FAQs about Melborune Zoo

1. Do I need to pre-book a ticket online?

Yes, it is currently necessary to pre-book a ticket online for the Melbourne Zoo. 

2. Do I have to book child tickets if they are free?

As child tickets for the Melbourne Zoo are free, you do not need to book them in advance as long as the child meets the age requirement for free admission.

Additionally, even if child tickets are free, you may still need to indicate the number of children in your group when booking or making a reservation.

3. Do Zoo Members need to pre-book a ticket too?

Yes, Melbourne Zoo members must pre-book a ticket online, even though they have free admission to the zoo. 

This is due to COVID-19 safety measures and capacity restrictions.

4. I have a Companion Card; how do I book my tickets?

If you have a Companion Card and wish to visit the Melbourne Zoo, you can book your tickets by contacting the zoo’s customer service or access team directly.

To book your tickets, you must provide your Companion Card number and the name of your companion. 

The zoo’s customer service or access team will then assist you in booking your tickets and ensure that you have appropriate support during your visit.

5. Do I need to book tickets for the safari bus?

Yes, it’s currently necessary to pre-book tickets for the safari bus at the Melbourne Zoo as part of their COVID-19 safety measures and capacity restrictions.

56. What is Kyabram Fauna Park?

Kyabram Fauna Park is a wildlife park in the town of Kyabram, in the Australian state of Victoria. 

The park is dedicated to wildlife conservation and education and aims to provide visitors with a fun and educational experience.

Some of the animals seen at the Kyabram Fauna Park include kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, wombats, emus, dingoes, and various bird species. 

Kyabram Fauna Park is open year-round and offers a range of ticket options, including family passes and annual memberships.

7. How do I get to Kyabram Fauna Park?

Kyabram Fauna Park is located in Kyabram, approximately 200 km north of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The park is easily accessible by car, and ample free parking is available on-site. 

If you prefer public transport, there are regular train and bus services to Kyabram from Melbourne and other regional centers. 

V/Line operates train and bus services to Kyabram, with connections from Melbourne, Bendigo, and other regional towns. 

You can take a taxi or local bus to the park from the Kyabram train station or bus stop.

8. Can I bring my own food or picnic to the zoo?

You can bring your own food or picnic to the Melbourne Zoo. 

The zoo has designated picnic areas where you can enjoy your food. 

You can also bring in your water bottles, but glass containers, alcohol, and hot food are not permitted.

9. Do I need to prebook the free safari bus?

Yes, it’s currently necessary to pre-book tickets for the safari bus at the Melbourne Zoo.

Featured Image: Pinterest.com

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