Loro Parque Tickets, Prices, Animals, Shows, Things To Do and more

Loro Parque is a world-renowned zoo and theme park in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain.

With millions of visitors each year since its establishment in 1972, it has become one of the island’s most well-liked tourist destinations. 

Over 10,000 creatures, representing 500 distinct species, live in the park, including parrots, primates, large cats, and marine life.

The Loro Parque offers a variety of shows in addition to its animal exhibits, such as a stunning dolphin show and an exciting killer whale performance.

Loro Parque is a must-see location for anybody visiting Tenerife because of its magnificent gardens, amazing animals, and thrilling entertainment opportunities.

This article gives all the information about the Loro Parque tickets, prices, opening hours, how to reach, things to do in the zoo and animals in the zoo. 

Best Loro Parque tickets

# Loro Parque entry ticket
# Loro Parque + Siam Park Admission ticket 
# Loro Parque and Whale and Dolphin watching 

Loro Parque tickets

Loro Parque, hailed as one of the top attractions in Tenerife, offers an immersive experience with animals from around the globe

With these Loro Parque tickets, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the park’s meticulously designed habitats, and the diverse ecosystems in our planet. 

Loro Parque entry ticket 

Experience the wonders of Loro Parque with this ticket that unlocks a world of enchantment and adventure. 

With easy access and skip-the-line convenience, you’ll step into a captivating realm of wildlife in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. 

Immerse yourself in a vibrant spectacle as you encounter an impressive array of animals, from colorful parrots and playful dolphins to awe-inspiring killer whales. 

Marvel at thrilling shows, witness the intelligence and grace of marine life, and explore lush gardens teeming with beauty. 

This ticket includes: 

  • Access to Loro Parque
  • Live animal displays and park exhibitions
  • Mini train from Plaza de los Reyes Católicos in Puerto de la Cruz

Loro Parque ticket prices: 

Adult (ages 12+)€42
Children (ages 6 to 11)€36

Loro Park and Siam Park admission ticket

Loro Park and Siam Park are sister parks that offer unlimited fun in Tenerife.

This Loro Park and Siam Park combo ticket give you access to both the zoo and water park with one purchase.

This exclusive offer allows you to immerse yourself in the wonders of Loro Parque, a captivating wildlife sanctuary, and Siam Park, a thrilling water park. 

Begin your journey at Loro Parque, where you’ll encounter a fascinating array of animals, from colorful parrots to playful dolphins and awe-inspiring killer whales. 

Then, head to Siam Park, a tropical paradise brimming with exhilarating water slides, lazy rivers, and lush landscapes. 

This ticket includes: 

  • Access to Loro Parque
  • Live animal displays and park exhibitions
  • Admission to Siam Park
  • Use of sun loungers, tubes, life jackets, and umbrellas
  • Mini train from Plaza de los Reyes Católicos in Puerto de la Cruz to Loro Parque

Loro Parque and Siam Park ticket prices: 

Adult (ages 12+)€84
Children (ages 6 to 11)€60

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Loro Parque combination ticket 

Loro Parque, renowned for its stunning displays of diverse animal species, provides a sanctuary where visitors can witness the beauty and intelligence of nature up close. 

Here are Loro Parque combination tickets- a captivating journey that will leave you awe-inspired and exhilarated.

You will combos with Loro Parque and another one of must-see attractions, all covered in one day, or spread over two different days!

Combination PriceTickets
Loro Parque +Tenerife Dragon Tree and Botanical Gardens€33 to €47Buy This Ticket
Loro Parque + Siam Park Admission ticket €60 to €84Buy This Ticket
Loro Part + Light Show Tenerige€33 to €53Buy This Ticket
Loro Parque and Whale and Dolphin watching €53 to €82Buy This Ticket
Loro Parque and Karting Tenerife€45 to €75Buy This Ticket

Loro Parque opening hours 

Loro Parque is open from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm from Monday to Sunday.

The Loro Parque Zoo’s last admission is 30 minutes before closing.

Throughout the day you can enjoy presentation at Loro Parque and they have a fixed a schedule.

Every presentation lasts around 20 minutes, and we suggest visitors arrive at the exhibitions early to get a seat.

Animals Presentation Timings 
Sea Lions9.45 am | 10.45 am | 1.45 pm | 2.30 pm
Parrots10.45 pm | 12.30 pm | 2.30 pm | 3.30 pm | 4.45 pm
Dolphins11.15 am | 1 pm | 4.15 pm
Orcas11.55 am | 3.55 pm

When is the best time to visit Loro Parque Zoo?

The best time to visit Loro Parque Zoo is during the off-season months of October through March.

The weather is mild, and there are fewer crowds, making it easier to explore the park and see all the animals.

The best time to visit during the day is early morning since there is less crowd and the animals are most active. 

How long does it take to visit Loro Parque Zoo?

The duration of a visit to Loro Parque Zoo in Tenerife, Spain, depends on individual preferences and interests. 

However, the average time spent exploring the zoo, exhibits and shows is approximately four to six hours.

How to reach Loro Parque

Loro Parque is located on the island of Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands archipelago Islands, a Spanish territory off the coast of Morocco.

Loro Parque address: Av. Loro Parque, s/n, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

You can reach the Loro Parque through various means of transportation, as given below. 

By Train

Free trains are available between Plaza de los Reyes Catolicost and Loro Parque, which depart every 20 minutes. 

The train schedules from and to Loro Parque are given below. 

RoutePlaza de los Reyes Católicos to Loro ParqueLoro Parque to Plaza de los Reyes Católicos
First Train 9.30 am10.15 am
Last Train4.30 pm5. 30 pm

By Bus

By Bus
Image: Facebook.com

Loro Parque (T) is the closest bus stop. 

The bus stop is only 250 meters from the Zoo. 

Visitors can take 

By Car

The Loro Parque Spain is 40.9 km from Santa Cruz de Tenerife City center. 

The drive takes 35 minutes. 

What to expect in Loro Parque

Animals in Loro Parque

Loro Parque is famous for its diverse animal species, conservation efforts, and captivating animal presentations. 

It is home to a wide variety of animal species worldwide. 

It boasts an impressive collection of parrots, with over 4,000 individuals representing more than 350 species. 

The park also houses other avian species, such as penguins, flamingos, pelicans, and birds of prey.

In addition to the avian inhabitants, Loro Parque is home to numerous mammals. 

Visitors can observe majestic creatures like gorillas, tigers, lions, jaguars, chimpanzees, and orangutans. 

The park also houses smaller mammals, including meerkats, otters, capybaras, and armadillos.

Additionally, Loro Parque features an aquarium where visitors can marvel at the beauty of marine life, including sharks, sea lions, dolphins, and a vast array of colorful fish species.

Animal Presentations in Loro Parque

Loro Parque offers captivating animal presentations that allow visitors to learn about the park’s animal residents’ behavior, intelligence, and natural abilities. 

These presentations are entertaining and educational, raising awareness about conservation and promoting respect for wildlife. 

Here is the list of animal presentations at Loro Parque:

The Orca Ocean

This presentation showcases the remarkable intelligence and agility of orcas, also known as killer whales. 

Visitors can witness awe-inspiring acrobatics and synchronized swimming and learn about the biology and conservation of these magnificent marine mammals.

The Dolphin Show

Visitors can enjoy the playful and energetic performances of dolphins as they showcase their agility, intelligence and bond with their trainers

These presentations provide insights into the intelligence and social nature of dolphins.

The Sea Lion Show

This presentation features the amusing antics and impressive abilities of sea lions. 

Visitors can witness their agility, balance, and interactions with their trainers while learning about their natural behaviors and conservation status.

The Parrot Show

Loro Parque’s famous parrot show highlights these colorful birds’ intelligence and mimicry skills. 

Visitors can witness their ability to imitate human speech, perform tricks, and learn about the importance of parrot conservation.

Entry to all the shows is included in the Loro Parque entry ticket. 

Things to do in Loro Parque

Loro Parque offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. 

Here are some of the top things to do in Loro Parque:

Explore the Exhibits

Take your time to explore the various exhibits throughout the park. 

From the majestic orcas in Orca Ocean to the colorful parrots in the Parrot Paradise, each exhibit offers a unique experience.

Attend Animal Presentations

Attend Animal Presentations
Image: Facebook.com

Loro Parque is famous for its entertaining and educational animal presentations. 

Ensure to catch shows like the Orca Ocean, Dolphin Show, Sea Lion Show, and Parrot Show. 

These presentations showcase the park’s animal residents’ intelligence, abilities, and natural behaviors.

Visit the Aquarium

Visit the Aquarium
Image: Facebook.com

Don’t miss the chance to explore the park’s impressive aquarium. 

Marvel at the diverse marine life, including sharks, sea lions, dolphins, and various colorful fish. 

The aquarium provides a captivating underwater experience for visitors of all ages.

Discover the Gorilla Jungle

Step into the Gorilla Jungle and observe gorillas’ behavior and social dynamics in an environment designed to mimic their natural habitat.

Learn about these incredible primates and the conservation efforts in place to protect them.

Enjoy the Botanical Gardens

Loro Parque is home to a vast array of animals and boasts beautiful botanical gardens. 

Take a leisurely stroll through the gardens and admire the diverse plant species worldwide.

Relax in the Thai Village

Relax in the Thai Village
Image: Facebook.com

Take a break from exploring and relax in the tranquil Thai Village. 

Enjoy the serene surroundings, have a refreshing drink, or savor a meal at one of the restaurants offering a variety of cuisines.

Ride the Loro Parque Express

Hop on the Loro Parque Express train for a leisurely tour around the park. 

It’s a great way to see the different areas and get an overview of the park’s attractions.

Interact with Animals

Interact with Animals
Image: Facebook.com

Loro Parque offers unique opportunities for animal interaction. 

Visitors can participate in activities like feeding the penguins, getting up close with the sea lions, or even swimming with dolphins (additional fees may apply).

Attend Educational Workshops

Loro Parque organizes educational workshops and presentations.

With the workshops visitors can learn more about the park’s conservation efforts and the importance of protecting wildlife. 

These workshops provide valuable insights into environmental awareness and conservation.

Visit the Gift Shops and Restaurants

Take some time to browse the gift shops for souvenirs and memorabilia.

Loro Parque also offers a variety of dining options, where you can enjoy a meal while overlooking the park’s scenic surroundings.

Whether you’re fascinated by animals, enjoy botanical beauty, or seek educational experiences, Loro Parque offers many activities to do.

Lore Parque Map

The Zoo is vast and it is easy to loose your way while wandering. 

Hence we suggest you carry the Loro Parque Map with you during your visit. 

Loro Park vs Siam Park: Park Should You Visit in Tenerife?

Loro Park also has another attraction in the south of the city, Siam Park – the biggest water park in Europe.

Two of Tenerife’s most popular attractions are Loro Parque and Siam Park – but they offer vastly different experiences.

When visiting Tenerife, travelers are often confused between the two parks.

Here’s a rundown of their key differences to help choose between animal encounters at Loro Park and aquatic thrills at Siam Park:

Animals and Shows

Loro Parque is the clear winner for getting up close with unique animals.

Its penguin habitat, shark tunnel, and wildlife reserves house over 3000 exotic parrots, mammals, fish and birds.

Visitors can observe creatures from tropical reefs to arctic climates that would be difficult to see elsewhere.

Additionally, the park offers several educational shows displaying the intelligence of animals like dolphins, sea lions and parrots.

Those wanting to directly interact with animals can swim with sea lions or pose with a tiger for a unique vacation photo.

Water Rides and Pools

Meanwhile, Siam Park was named the #1 water park in the world for its incredible Thai-inspired rides and pools.

Adrenaline seekers will find rides offering near vertical drops, lightning-fast descents and zero-gravity experiences unmatched elsewhere.

The massive wave pool generates crashing waves, while the tower ride propels visitors through a transparent shark tunnel.

With relaxed floating down the Mai Tai River contrasted by rollercoasters like The Dragon, Siam Park offers aquatic adventures for all.

Verdict: Loro Parque vs Siam Park, which to visit

Ultimately it depends on your vacation priorities.

For animal interaction and marine life encounters, Loro Parque is the prime choice.

If you crave adrenaline-charged waterslides alongside beaches and wave pools, head to Siam Park.

Fortunately, both world-famous parks are easy to access in southern Tenerife.

The best option may be to devote one day to appreciating Loro Parque’s animals and then spend another screaming down Siam Park’s record-breaking attractions.

By visiting both parks, you’re guaranteed to please every member of the family, from small kids to adventure-seeking teens and adults.

For the best experience, you can get the Loro Parque and Siam Park combo tickets and enjoy discounted entry to both attractions.

So are you Team Loro or Team Siam when vacationing in Tenerife? It’s a tough call between two amazing and unique parks!

FAQs about Loro Parque tickets

1. How much does a ticket to Loro Parque cost?

The Loro Parque tickets cost €42 for visitors above the age of 12. 

Children between the ages of six to 11 pay €36 for entrance. 

Kinds below the age of five enjoy free admission to Loro Parque.

2. Can you swim with dolphins at Loro Parque?

Yes, visitors to Loro Parque have the opportunity to swim with dolphins. 

Loro Parque offers various interactive experiences that allow guests to engage with these intelligent marine mammals

3. Are there still killer whales at Loro Parque?

There are 4 orcas (killer whales) in Loro Parque. 

4. Is Loro Parque ethical?

Regarding ethics, Loro Parque has obtained accreditation from reputable organizations, such as the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA).

5. What age is Loro Parque for?

Loro Parque is a popular attraction located in Tenerife, Spain. 

The park offers a variety of experiences and exhibits that visitors of all ages can enjoy. 

6. Are Loro Parque and Siam Park the same?

While Siam Park was also built and managed by Loro Parque, they are not the same.

Loro Parque is a zoo and animal park, and Siam Park is the largest water park in Europe.

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Featured Image: Loroparque.com

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