Florida Aquarium tickets, prices, what to expect and more

The Florida Aquarium in Tampa, Florida, is a renowned aquatic attraction, fascinating visitors with conserving and preserving marine life. 

The aquarium features diverse exhibits showcasing marine biodiversity where visitors can explore various habitats and come face-to-face with many marine species.

You can get close to the marine world with engaging exhibits, interactive displays, and various educational programs.

Florida Aquarium inspires visitors to develop an appreciation for marine environments.

For a more hands-on experience, visitors can touch and interact with stingrays at Stingray Beach or go behind the scenes. 

This article shares all the information about Florida Aquarium tickets, prices, discounts, animals and experiences. 


Opening hours: 9.30 am to 5 pm

Last entry : 4 pm

Best time to visit: 9.30 am 

Time required: one to two hours 

Ticket Price: $30


701 Channelside Dr, Tampa, FL 33602. Get Directions.

Florida Aquarium tickets

You can buy Florida Aquarium tickets online or offline at the venue. 

It is recommended to buy your tickets online in advance. 

This way, you can skip all the lines and directly enter the aquarium to make the most of your visit. 

Getting your Florida Aquarium tickets online is cheaper than at the venue. 

Online tickets also let you choose your desired time and date of visit. 

There are various types of tickets to choose from, like entry ticket, combo ticket and city pass. 

Here is a brief on the various types of tickets. 

Florida Aquarium entry ticket:

With these tickets, visitors can proceed directly to the entrance, present their tickets, and swiftly access the aquarium’s exhibits and attractions.

This ticket helps you skip the queues and enjoy easy entry. 

You can explore all the aquarium zones from simulated wetlands, shallow bays, beaches, and a coral reef ecosystem with the entry ticket.

You’ll also be able to meet and touch cold-water creatures like lemurs, chameleons, geckos, and jellyfish.

However, if you wish to try the wild dolphin cruise or take a behind-the-scenes tour, you must purchase an add-on at the venue. 

Florida Aquarium ticket prices:

The Florida Aquarium entry ticket costs $30 for visitors between 13 and 59 years old. 

Senior Citizens over 60 years pay $27 for entry. 

Children get a discount of $4 and pay $26 for admission. 

Florida Aquarium Combo Tours

Frequent travelers often opt for combination tickets for two reasons: 

1. They offer discounted entry to two attractions. 

Since you purchase two entry tickets simultaneously, you can get up to a 10% discount on individual tickets. 

2. Combo tickets offer the perfect opportunity to visit nearby attractions and save you from the hassle of buying separate admission tickets. 

With the combo tickets, you can visit attractions like Zoo Tampa, Dinosaur World, Clearwater Marine Aquarium and more. 

Here are some of our favorite combo tickets:

TicketCostBuy this ticket
ZooTampa + Florida AquariumFrom $81Buy this ticket
Dinosaur World + Florida AquariumFrom $55Buy this ticket
Glazer Children’s Museum + Florida AquariumFrom $47Buy this ticket
Clearwater Marine Aquarium + Florida AquariumFrom $70Buy this ticket
Tampa City PassFrom $139Buy this ticket

Florida Aquarium hours

Florida Aquariums is open from 9.30 am to 5 pm daily. 

It is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

The convenient and flexible opening hours allow you to plan your visit easily. 

Please note that the Florida Aquarium’s hours vary on holidays and special occasions.

Best time to visit Florida Aquarium

The best time to visit Florida Aquarium is 9.30 am when the aquarium opens for visitors.

During this time, there are low crowds and it is easier to spot marine animals. 

If you can not make it during early morning hours, plan your visit during late afternoons. 

Consider visiting on weekdays, especially during non-holiday periods, for a more relaxed experience with fewer crowds. 

Additionally, take into account school schedules and avoid busy periods during breaks. 

Keep an eye on the aquarium’s calendar for special events and holidays as the atmosphere turns vibrant and enjoyable.

How long does it take to visit the Florida Aquarium?

The duration of a visit to the Florida Aquarium varies depending on individual preferences, interest in marine life, and exploration pace. 

On average, visitors spend about one to two hours at the aquarium, providing a leisurely experience. 

It allows ample time to explore diverse marine species, engage with interactive exhibits, and attend scheduled shows.

If you are visiting with kids and senior citizens, plan to spend three to four hours as they tend to stop by their feeding areas interaction zones or wish to take breaks.

How to get to Florida Aquarium

The Florida Aquarium is located in Downtown Tampa, Florida.

Address: 701 Channelside Dr, Tampa, FL 33602, USA. Get Directions

It is a popular attraction, drawing over a million visitors from around the state. 

Several transportation options are available to reach the Florida Aquarium, including bus, car, taxi, and ferry. 

Here are some of the best means of transportation to reach Florida Aquarium:

How to reach Florida Aquarium from Orlando International Airport

The driving time from Orlando Airport (MCO) to the Florida Aquarium is about 1 hour and 21 minutes.

It covers a distance of approximately 85.5 miles (142.4 km). 

Considering current gas prices, the one-way cost for driving from MCO to the Florida Aquarium is $12. 

For a round trip from MCO to the Florida Aquarium and back to MCO, the total cost would be $23. 

The estimated regular fuel price is $4 per gallon, assuming an average gas mileage of 25 miles per gallon for city and highway driving.

Reach Florida Aquarium by Bus

You can reach the Florida Aquarium by bus.

Several bus operators in the Tampa Bay area provide transportation options.

This includes Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART), Academy Bus, and US Coachways. 

Here is a list of bus stations near The Florida Aquarium: 

Station NameDistance
Cumberland Avenue Station (7)3 min walk
Meridian Ave @ Cumberland Ave6 min walk

Here is a list of bus lines to The Florida Aquarium Orlando: 

Line NameDirection
1University Area Transit Center ‎→ Marion Transit Center
19Britton Plaza Transfer Center ‎→ Marion Transit Center
9University Area Transit Center ‎→ Marion Transit Center
8Westfield Brandon Mall ‎→ Marion Transit Center

Reach Florida Aquarium by Car 

If you’re driving, directions to the Florida Aquarium are available. 

Address: 701 Channelside Drive, Tampa, FL 33602.

From the East

  1. Take I-4 West to exit 2.
  2. Turn right onto N 22nd St, then left on E Adamo Drive.
  3. Proceed to Channelside Dr and take a left.
  4. At the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit and turn left into The Florida Aquarium Parking lot.

From the West

  1. Take I-275 North. Exit 44 toward Downtown E.
  2. Turn right on N Jefferson St, then left on N Orange St/Pierce St.
  3. Turn left on Twiggs.
  4. Turn right on Channelside Drive.
  5. At the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit and turn left into The Florida Aquarium Parking lot.

From the North

  1. Take I-75 South to I-275 South, Exit 45A.
  2. Turn left onto N Orange Avenue, then left on E. Twiggs.
  3. Turn right on Channelside Dr.
  4. At the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit and turn left into The Florida Aquarium Parking lot.

From the South

  1. Take I-75 North. Take FL-618 Selmon Expressway, Exit 9, toward the Port of Tampa.
  2. Turn left onto E Adamo Drive to N 12 St.
  3. Turn left onto Channelside Drive.
  4. At the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit and turn left into The Florida Aquarium Parking lot.

Reach Florida Aquarium by Taxi

You can hire a cab to reach the Florida Aquarium if you prefer not to drive. 

The approximate cost of a taxi ride from popular starting points, like Orlando International Airport, to the Florida Aquarium may range between $67 to $85. 

Taxi fares may vary based on distance, traffic conditions, and additional fees or surcharges.

Reach Florida Aquarium by Ferry

The Cross-Bay Ferry in the Tampa Bay area provides a transportation option depending on the seasons. 

This recent initiative offers a new mode of travel for travelers. 

To get the latest information on seasonal operations, routes, and schedules, visit the official website of Cross Bay Ferry. 

The cost ranges from $8 for senior citizens to $12 for adults, and the ferry service is free for children aged 4 years or less. 

The Tampa Ferry Terminal is along the waterfront of the Tampa Convention Center.

It’s just west of the Sail Restaurant and Franklin Street. 

Transit service via the TECO Streetcar is available during all ferry operating hours.

It has a streetcar station on Franklin Street, a few hundred feet east of the Tampa Terminal. 

The streetcar operates every 15 minutes throughout ferry operating hours.

It connects to various destinations, including Amalie Arena, Sparkman Wharf, the Florida Aquarium, and Ybor City.

Parking at Florida Aquarium

The City of Tampa parking lot provides access to guests of The Florida Aquarium. 

It is located north of the Aquarium, on the east side of the circle at Channelside Drive. 

Designated accessible parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The cost for parking is $10 per vehicle. 

Guests can make parking payments at pay stations throughout the lot.

They can also make payments through mobile apps like ParkMobile, Passport, or PaybyPhone.

The parking timings at The Florida Aquarium are from 9:15 am to 3:30 pm every day. 

Nearby parking facilities charge similar or higher daily rates than The Florida Aquarium parking. 

We have identified a couple of convenient options for you. 

Here are the distances from the parking and the average parking costs near the Florida Aquarium:

ParkingDistance from Florida AquariumApproximate price
Caesar St.0.3 miles$20
Channelside Parking Garage0.1 miles$4
S. 12th Street0.1 miles$30

Important things to know about member parking at Florida Aquarium

Here’s what you need to know regarding parking at Florida Aquarium:

  • Free parking is a membership benefit for visitors to The Florida Aquarium.
  • Members must register up to two vehicles with the City of Tampa Parking Division for free parking.
  • The City of Tampa Parking Enforcement keeps registered license plate numbers to avoid parking citations.
  • Members must maintain up-to-date vehicle registration with the City of Tampa to enjoy free parking benefits.
  • Free parking is available to members during The Florida Aquarium’s operating hours, from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm daily.
  • Member parking benefits extend to exclusive events, extended operating hours, and Aquarium-hosted events.
  • Once your vehicle information is registered and your membership is active, you do not need to use the parking pay stations during regular/extended business hours.
  • Note that this parking benefit is not valid outside of operating hours, and parking fees must be paid if used outside of these hours to avoid citations.
  • The parking benefit is tied to your membership and will lapse if your membership expires.
  • If you renew a lapsed membership, you must re-register your vehicle(s) with the City of Tampa’s Parking Division.

Florida Aquarium Map

The Florida Aquarium is a vast marine haven in Tampa with captivating exhibits and water attractions. 

Explore diverse ecosystems, including sandy beaches and pristine waters. 

Use the Florida Aquarium map for a seamless experience.

It is available in different formats, such as the Florida Aquarium map PDF, large print, and Braille. 

Easily locate and explore all the aquarium’s attractions and amenities with the map.

Immerse yourself in this tropical oasis and enjoy the marine wonders it offers.

Florida Aquarium Animals

At the Florida Aquarium, you can see a wide variety of marine life in the water and on land. 

From common fish to unique coral reefs from different places worldwide, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

You’ll encounter creatures like sand tiger sharks and playful otters as you explore the different habitats. 

Here are the various habitats at the Florida Aquarium for you to check out and plan your visit.

Wetlands of Florida 

The Wetlands of Florida exhibit showcases the diverse ecosystem of Florida’s wetlands. 

Marvel at the soaring birds in the 80-foot-tall glass dome.

You can watch turtles basking and freshwater fish darting through the water. 

Lush mangrove trees add to the exhibit’s natural charm. 

The exhibit features native species like alligators, otters, turtles, and various bird species.

It gives you a glimpse into Florida’s wetlands’ unique web of life. 

You can learn about wetlands’ vital role in maintaining Florida’s ecological balance.

Journey to Madagascar 

Experience the Journey to Madagascar exhibit at The Florida Aquarium and explore the unique island ecosystem. 

Discover the diverse flora and fauna found only in Madagascar.

You will see creatures like ring-tailed lemurs and hissing cockroaches. 

This exhibit highlights the importance of conservation efforts to protect this habitat.

It showcases the rich biodiversity and cultural significance of Madagascar. 

It aims to inspire visitors to preserve this remarkable corner of the world.


Explore the Shorelines exhibit at The Florida Aquarium.

You can enter the coastal zone and stroll along sandy shores while observing marine life. 

Look out for sea turtles and colorful fish, as you know the importance of Florida’s shorelines. 

This exhibit inspires visitors to protect these coastal ecosystems for future generations.

Stingray Beach 

You can see stingrays up close at Stingray Beach in The Florida Aquarium.

You can even interact with them as they swim within your reach. 

You can see other marine species like Florida horse conch, porkfish, and doctorfish.

No Bone Zone 

Step into the No Bone Zone exhibit at The Florida Aquarium and explore the world of boneless wonders. 

See jellyfish, octopuses, and sea anemones as they navigate their ethereal existence. 

Learn about their adaptations and be captivated by their beauty.

Coral Reef 

Get lost in the Coral Reef exhibit at The Florida Aquarium and witness a vibrant underwater world. 

Witness sand tiger sharks, graceful sea turtles, and majestic giant Atlantic stingrays. 

Discover hundreds of reef-dwelling fish, each adding charm to this ecosystem.

Reef Secrets 

Explore the world of seahorses at Reef Secrets, an exhibit at The Florida Aquarium. 

Learn about their reproduction, feeding habits, and survival techniques. 

Discover how they have inspired folklore and fairytales.

Waves of Wonder 

Immerse yourself in the world of Waves of Wonder at The Florida Aquarium. 

Journey through vibrant habitats, where you’ll encounter a stunning array of marine species. 

Witness the movements of jellyfish, clownfish antics, and anemones’ beauty. 

Discover the great Pacific octopus and explore the Heart of the Sea.

It’s home to Florida’s loggerhead sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, and bonnethead sharks.

Moon Bay 

In Moon Bay, you can immerse yourself in a unique experience at The Florida Aquarium. 

Marvel at the beauty of moon jellies, resembling glowing moons as they swim. 

Learn about their ecological significance and facts that moon jellies are not jellyfish. 

Get close to these creatures, illuminated by changing lights, and discover the ocean’s wonders.

What to expect at the Florida Aquarium?

Visitors can expect an engaging and immersive experience when visiting the Florida Aquarium. 

It allows them to discover the wonders of the aquatic world. 

Here are the highlights of what to expect during the visit:

Fascinating Exhibits 

The aquarium houses diverse exhibits showcasing various marine habitats and species. 

Guests will see coral reefs, tropical fish, sharks, turtles, otters, alligators, stingrays, etc. 

The exhibits provide a realistic and educational glimpse into the underwater world.

Interactive Experiences 

The Florida Aquarium offers several interactive experiences. It allows visitors to get up close and personal with marine life. 

Stingray Beach offers the chance to touch stingrays.

The Wetlands Trail allows hand-feeding birds. 

Animal encounters provide unique and memorable opportunities to engage with fascinating sea creatures.

Behind-the-Scenes Tours 

For those curious about the inner workings of the aquarium, behind-the-scenes tours are available. 

These tours offer glimpses into daily operations, animal care, and conservation efforts. 

Guests can better understand the vital work being done to protect marine life.

Educational Programs 

The Florida Aquarium is dedicated to education and offers various programs and presentations. 

These initiatives cater to visitors of all ages and cover essential topics. 

The topics are marine conservation, animal behavior, and the significance of protecting our oceans. 

These programs educate people about the significance of marine life conservation.

Family-Friendly Features 

The Florida Aquarium ensures a family-friendly experience with amenities and activities tailored for all ages. 

Children can enjoy a water play zone with wet and dry play areas, sandboxes, and interactive elements. 

The aquarium hosts special events and themed exhibits throughout the year, making it a delightful destination for the entire family.

Florida Aquarium Dining options

While you’re at the Florida Aquarium, take some time to enjoy delicious meals at the various restaurants available. 

They offer many tasty dishes inspired by the ocean’s treasures, including fresh Italian delicacies and mouthwatering American creations. 

These dining options are designed to cater to all visitors and provide a fantastic selection of food choices. 

So, treat yourself to a delightful dining experience during your visit to the aquarium!


The Battery is a restaurant near the Florida Aquarium, offering a convenient location and flexible opening hours. 

It is an ideal place to relish diverse culinary delights after your aquarium adventure. 

With a menu that includes fresh seafood, American classics, and international flavors, Battery guarantees a satisfying dining experience. 

The restaurant is easily accessible, making it a perfect choice for visitors looking to dine after their aquarium experience.

Location: Located at 615 Channelside Dr, Suite 116, Tampa, FL 33602

Opening Time: 

Monday to Wednesday – 4 pm to 10 pm

Thursday – 12 pm to 10 pm

Friday and Saturday – 12 pm to 11 pm

Saturday – 12 pm to 11 pm

Sunday – 11 am to 10 pm

Cuisines: American

Boulon Brasserie

Boulon Brasserie, operated by Next Level Brands, is a French Bistro.

It provides visitors with a complete dining experience featuring a restaurant, café, and full bar. 

The menu offers a delightful selection of freshly caught seafood and innovative takes on traditional French pastries. 

At Thousand & One, guests can enjoy a charming brunch, lunch, or dinner at this delightful establishment.

Location: Located at 1001 Water St, Tampa, FL 33602

Opening Time:

Monday to Thursday – 7 am to 3 pm, 5 pm to 11 pm

Friday and Saturday – 7 am to 3 pm, 5 pm to 1 am

Sunday: 7 am to 3 pm, 5 pm to 10 pm

Cuisines: French


Jotoro, located near the Florida Aquarium, is a culinary gem renowned for its fusion cuisine and lively ambiance. 

Its prime location and delectable menu create a delightful dining experience, complementing the nearby aquarium visit perfectly.

Location: Located at 615 Channelside Dr, Suite 114, Tampa, FL 33602

Opening Time: 

Sunday and Monday – 11 am to 10 pm

Tuesday to Thursday – 11 am to 11 pm

Friday and Saturday – 11 am to 12 am

Cuisines: Contemporary Mexican

The Pearl – Tampa

The Pearl in Tampa is a gastro pub situated near the Florida Aquarium. 

It offers the best of both worlds – a laid-back pub atmosphere and an elevated culinary experience. 

The restaurant’s unique fusion of comfort food and gourmet flavors makes it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts.

Location: Located at 823 Water St C100, Tampa, FL 33602

Opening Time: 

Monday to Thursday – 11:30 am to 10 pm

Friday – 11:30 am to 11 pm

Saturday – 10 am to 11 pm

Sunday – 10 am to 9 pm

Cuisines: Gastro Pub

Market at EDITION

Market at EDITION provides a luxurious dining experience with its opulent setting and elegant ambiance. 

The sophisticated decor and impeccable service create an indulgent atmosphere.

It enhances the enjoyment of its exquisite culinary offerings.

Location: Located at 500 Channelside Dr, Tampa, FL 33602

Opening Time: 

Monday to Sunday – 7 am to 11 pm

Cuisines: Italian


Licac offers a fantastic menu featuring Mediterranean cuisine coupled with prime location and delightful dining experience. 

Just few minutes away from the Florida Aquarium, this restarants lets you savor vibrant and fresh flavors. 

Location: Located at 500 Channelside Dr, Tampa, FL 33602

Opening Time: 

Sunday and Monday – Closed

Tuesday to Saturday – 5 to 10 pm

Cuisines: Mediterranean

Azure at EDITION

Experience elevated rooftop dining at Azure, where Michelin-starred chef John Fraser presents exquisite Greek cuisine. 

Enjoy expansive views and a refreshing breeze that complements the seaside-inspired fare.

Location: Located at 500 Channelside Dr, Tampa, FL 33602

Opening Time: 

Sunday to Thursday – 11 am to 11 pm

Friday and Saturday – 11 am to 2 am

Cuisines: Greek

Florida Aquarium tickets – FAQs

1. How much does it cost to go to the aquarium in Florida?

The Florida Aquarium entry ticket costs $30 for visitors between 13 and 59 years old. 

Senior Citizens over 60 years pay $27 for entry. 

Children get a discount of $4 and pay $26 for admission.

 2. Can I pay for tickets early for Florida Aquarium?

Yes, you can pay for Florida Aquarium tickets online in advance for hassle-free entry.

3. Can you buy tickets at the Florida Aquarium?

Yes, you can purchase Florida Aquarium tickets on-site at the attraction. 

We recommend booking online for convenience.

4. How to get into The Florida Aquarium for free?

K-12th Grade Students can participate in the Florida Aquarium Sea Stars Program.

They can earn free child admission with paid adult admission at 50% off based on academic achievements.

5. Do I need a reservation for the Florida Aquarium?

No, reservations are not required for the Florida Aquarium, but booking tickets online is encouraged.

6. How long do you spend at The Florida Aquarium?

Families visiting with kids usually spend over 2 hours at the attraction.

7. Do they have dolphins at The Florida Aquarium?

Yes, the Florida Aquarium does have dolphins.

8. Which aquarium is better, Tampa or Clearwater?

Both aquariums offer different experiences.

The Florida Aquarium is known for interactive exhibits and animal encounters.

The Clearwater Aquarium focuses on rescue and rehabilitation.

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