Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Pattaya tickets, prices, animal experience and more

Step into a world of wonder and compassion at Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Pattaya. 

This is a unique zoo in the world offering animal experiences you can’t find elsewhere. 

Here, you can experience the beauty of interacting with these gentle giants while knowing their well-being and conservation are the top priorities. 

Embark on a journey that combines education, empathy, and adventure as you learn about these incredible creatures and contribute to their protection. 

Dive into the heartwarming experience that awaits at Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Pattaya.

Best Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary tickets

# Pattaya Ethical Elephant Sanctuary entry ticket

Where to buy tickets for Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary ticket

You can buy a Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary entry ticket online or at the sanctuary entrance.

We suggest you book your tickets in advance online, especially for animal experiences.

Due to high demand, the tickets for animal experiences get sold out soon.

When you buy your tickets online, you can secure your entry and skip the hassle of long ticket line queues.

In addition, online tickets are cheaper and safer than getting tickets offline.

Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary ticket 

This is a day trip ticket from Bangkok to the Pattaya Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. 

This excursion offers a unique and ethical opportunity to interact with elephants in a natural and sustainable environment. 

Upon arrival, visitors are introduced to elephant behavior and conservation efforts. 

They can then feed and bathe the elephants, observe their playful interactions, and learn about their care and well-being. 

The trip includes round-trip transportation from Bangkok, ensuring convenience and a hassle-free visitor experience.

This ticket includes: 

  • Entry Pattaya Ethical Elephant Sanctuary
  • Live tour guide
  • To and fro transportation
  • Traditional Thai lunch and fresh fruits

Ticket Price: 

Ages Price
Adult (ages 10 to 65)฿ 6573 ($190)
Children (ages 3 to 9)฿ 3340 ($97)

Elephant Sanctuary Pattaya opening hours 

Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Pattaya is open from 9 am to 6 pm throughout the week.

The admission for the morning half-day visit is from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.

The Pattaya elephant sanctuary opens from 2 pm to 5 pm for a half-day afternoon visit. 

Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary pick-up timings

Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary pick-up timings for morning tours are as follows

Pick up pointsPick up times
Naklue7 am to 7.20 am
Pattaya Nue7.20 am to 7.40 am
Pattaya Klang7.40 am to 8 am
Pattaya Tai / Pratamnak8 am to 8.20 am
Jomtien8.20 am to 8.40 am
Najomtein8.40 am to 9 am

Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary pick-up timings for evening tours are as follows

Pick up pointsPick up times
Naklue11.40 am to 12 pm
Pattaya Nue12 pm to 12.20 pm
Pattaya Klang12.20 pm to 12.40 pm
Pattaya Tai / Pratamnak12.40 pm to 1 pm
Jomtien1 pm to 1.20 pm
Najomtein1.20 pm to 1.40 pm

When is the Best Time to Visit Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Pattaya?

The best time to visit Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Pattaya are mornings and during non-peak seasons. 

Arriving in the morning lets you witness the elephants’ most active and playful state.

If you prefer a more intimate experience, consider visiting on weekdays or during non-peak seasons.

How Long Does it Take to Visit Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Pattaya?

The duration of your visit to Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Pattaya depends on your chosen program. 

A half-day visit typically lasts around 4 hours, offering interactions with elephants and learning about conservation efforts. 

Opting for a full-day visit extends the experience to approximately 8 hours, providing more immersive encounters and activities like bathing and walking with elephants. 

For an unforgettable adventure, consider an overnight stay, allowing 24 hours or more of bonding time with these majestic creatures.

How to get to Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Pattaya

Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Pattaya is located in the beautiful countryside of Pattaya, Thailand. 

The sanctuary provides a peaceful retreat from the busy metropolis while tucked away in beautiful surroundings and abundant flora. 

Situated just a short distance from central Pattaya, it is easily accessible by car or transportation provided by the sanctuary. 

By Car

If you can access a vehicle, you can drive to the sanctuary. 

From central Pattaya, take the Sukhumvit Road towards Sattahip. 

Continue on the road until you reach the refuge, following the directions or using GPS navigation.

Sanctuary Transportation

 Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Pattaya offers transportation services for visitors. 

You can inquire about pick-up and drop-off arrangements when making your reservation. 

The sanctuary will provide convenient transportation to ensure a hassle-free journey.

Things to Do in Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Pattaya

Nestled amidst the natural beauty of Pattaya, Ethical Elephant Sanctuary offers incredible elephant encounters and a range of other activities and attractions to explore

Here are some activities to do in Ethical Elephant Sanctuary:

Elephant Interactions

Spend quality time with the elephants, learning their personalities and behaviors. 

Feed them, observe their social interactions, and create lasting memories.

Mud Spa Experience

Indulge in a mud spa session with the elephants. 

Join them in rolling around in the mud, an activity that helps protect their skin from the sun and insects while providing a playful bonding experience.

River Bathing

Participate in the elephants’ natural bathing routine by joining them in the river. 

Witness their joy as they splash around, cool off, and even lend a helping hand during bath time.

Nature Walks

Walking amid nature is the best thing to do in the Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Pattaya. 

Explore the serene surroundings of the sanctuary through guided nature walks. 

Immerse yourself in the lush greenery, spot local wildlife, and learn about the diverse ecosystem.

Educational Programs

Engage in informative sessions and workshops conducted by experienced guides. 

Learn about the elephants’ biology, behavior, and conservation efforts to protect these magnificent creatures.

Photography Opportunities

Capture the magic of your experience through photography.

Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Pattaya offers stunning backdrops and professional photography services to help you preserve your cherished moments.

Local Cuisine

Indulge in authentic Thai cuisine at the sanctuary’s on-site restaurant. 

Treat your taste buds to the flavors of Thailand while enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

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Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary – FAQs

1. Is Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary ethical?

Yes, Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary is ethical. 

These are a few values that the Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary displays:
-No Riding 
-No Hooks or Chains 
-No Performing Tricks
-Veterinary Care

2. How do we know if an elephant sanctuary is ethical in Thailand?

Look for these few aspects in an elephant sanctuary to know its ethical inclination it:

-No Riding Policy
-No Forced Training or Use of Tools
-Rescue and Rehabilitation
-Transparency and Information
-Professional Staff and Veterinarian Care
-Positive Visitor Experience

3. Is it ethical to go to an elephant sanctuary?

Visiting an elephant sanctuary can be ethical if the sanctuary follows responsible and ethical practices that prioritize the well-being and welfare of the elephants. 

Ethical sanctuaries aim to provide elephants a safe and natural environment, often rescuing them from exploitative situations.

These sanctuaries focus on rehabilitation, conservation, education, and promoting responsible tourism.

4. Are elephant sanctuaries in Thailand humane?

Elephant sanctuaries in Thailand can vary in terms of their practices and commitment to animal welfare. 

While some sanctuaries prioritize the well-being of elephants and provide a safe and natural environment, others may not meet the same ethical standards.

5. Is Elephant Nature Park in Thailand ethical?

Elephant Nature Park in Thailand is widely regarded as an ethical and responsible elephant sanctuary. 

The park is known for its dedication to the well-being and welfare of elephants. 

It operates as a rescue and rehabilitation center for elephants rescued from abusive situations, such as logging, street begging, or the tourism industry.

6. How much does the elephant experience in the Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary?

The approximate prices for an entire elephant experience in Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary are: 

-Adult ( ages 13-65): ฿ 6573 ($190)
-Child (ages 3 to 9): ฿ 3340 ($97)

Featured Image: Rescueasianelephants.org

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