Everything about Edinburgh zoo tickets, prices, what to expect, animals and more

Edinburgh Zoo is home to more than 1,000 species from around the world. 

It is situated in the center of Scotland’s capital city. 

Many exotic creatures, including lions, tigers, penguins, giant pandas, and penguins, can be found at Edinburgh Zoo. 

The zoo provides a variety of engaging and instructive activities for visitors of all ages.

In addition, there are also animal exhibits, guided tours, hands-on animal interactions, and conservation programs. 

The Edinburgh Zoo is dedicated to safeguarding and maintaining wildlife. 

This article provides all information on Edinburgh Zoo tickets, ticket prices, opening hours,zoo how to reach, things to do at the Zoo, etc.

Best Edinburgh Zoo tickets

# Edinburgh Zoo entry ticket 

Where to buy Edinburgh Zoo ticket

You can get the admission ticket to the Edinburgh Zoo at the zoo ticket counter or online.

We recommend you buy the tickets online as it is the cheapest option available.

Online Edinburgh Zoo ticket is 10% cheaper than the offline counterpart.

Also, when you purchase your tickets online, you can save 20 to 40 minutes of waiting lines at the ticket counter.

With the online ticket option, you can skip the hassle of queues and get an entry ticket for the day of your choice at any time.

Edinburgh Zoo entry ticket

This Edinburgh Zoo ticket offers entry to all parts of the Zoo, keepers’ talks, events and restaurants.

This is the cheapest entry ticket to Edinburgh Zoo.

The admission ticket lets you go to the Top of Edinburgh Zoo and watch Pentland Hill’s views and skyline.

When you purchase the Edinburgh Zoo ticket online in advance, you can also get a 10% discount.

Visitors can also cancel this ticket 24 hours before the visit and get a full refund.

This ticket includes: 

  • Access to the Edinburgh Zoo
  • Entry to family trails 
  • Access to Dinosaur exhibition 
  • Entry to children’s play

Edinburgh Zoo ticket prices

The Edinburgh Zoo tickets cost £23 for visitors aged 16 to 64. 

Students with ID and senior citizens above 64 years can get discounted entry at £21.

Children between 3 to 15 years get a discount on the general admission ticket and their ticket costs only £14.

Kids below 3 years of age enjoy free entry. 

AgeTicket price
Adult ticket (16 to 64 years) £23
Child ticket (3 to 15 years)£14
Students with ID£21
Senior citizen ticket (65 to 99 years)£21

Edinburgh Zoo ticket discounts

The regular entry ticket to Edinburgh Zoo costs £23 for all adults.

Discounts apply for Students, senior citizens and children.

Students and senior citizens (65+ years) pay £21 for entry tickets.

The younger visitors enjoy a discount of £9. They pay only £14 for entry.

Kids below 3 years can enter the Edinburgh Zoo for free.

Online ticket discounts

You can get a 10% ticket discount when you purchase your Edinburgh Zoo ticket online.

This is known as the Edinburgh online ticket discount.

The online tickets are cheaper than the tickets at the venue since they do not include the ticket window surcharge.

The ticket window surcharge is the cost of maintaining the ticket counter.

Edinburgh Zoo Family tickets

Family tickets offer discounted entry to two adults + two kids or two adults + one kid.

Unfortunately, Edinburgh Zoo does not offer family tickets.

To get discounts on the entry ticket, we recommend you buy the tickets online and save 10%.

If you buy tickets for 2 adults and 2 children online, it would cost £74.

Edinburgh Zoo Opening hours 

From April to September, the Edinburgh Zoo opens from 10 am to 6 pm.

Between October to March, the zoo is open from 10 am to 5 pm

During the winter months of November to February, the Edinburgh Zoo timings change to 10 am to 4 pm.

The Last entry to the zoo is one hour before closing time.

The zoo opens every day except for Christmas.

Some of the indoor enclosures, like Wee Beasties, Koala Territory, etc, open late and close 30 minutes before the closing time of the Zoo.

Edinburgh’s opening hours are as follows: 

MonthsOpening timeClosing time 
April to September10 am 6 pm
October and March 10 am 5 pm
November to February 10 am 4 pm

When is the best time to visit Edinburgh Zoo?

The best time to visit Edinburgh Zoo is 10 am, right after the Zoo opens.

During this time, the animals are usually more active, and you may have better opportunities for viewing and observing their behaviors.

Also, you can tour the zoo without crowds during this time.

We recommend visiting during the weekdays rather than the weekends.

Weekdays are less crowded, allowing for a more relaxed and enjoyable experience with fewer queues and crowds.

During the weekend, the Edinburgh Zoo welcomes huge crowds and you might be unable to meet all your favorite animals or join the keeper talks.

Avoid Peak Seasons

Edinburgh Zoo can be busier during school holidays, public holidays, and weekends, especially during summer. 

If you prefer a quieter experience, consider visiting during off-peak seasons or choosing weekdays outside school holidays.

How long does it take to visit Edinburgh Zoo?

This zoo occupies a vast 33 hectares of space where animals have open enclosures and are separated by ditches and moats.

Hence, exploring this Scottish Zoo will take longer than you think. However, satisfaction is guaranteed.

On average, most visitors spend around 4 to 5 hours exploring the zoo. 

Adult visitors moving through the zoo fast can cover all the exhibits in two hours.

However, if you plan to attend animal talks or shows or travel with young children who may need more breaks, you should allow for more time.

If you do not want to waste time in waiting lines, you should get your Edinburgh Zoo tickets online in advance.

Edinburg Zoo direction

The Edinburgh Zoo is located in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland.

Location: 134 Corstorphine Rd, Corstorphine, Edinburgh EH12 6TS, UK. Get Directions.

You can rely on google maps if you plan to drive or take public transportation to reach Edinburgh Zoo.

You can reach Edinburg Zoo in the following ways:

By bus

By bus
Image: Facebook.com

High-frequency bus routes from Edinburgh’s city center to the Zoo make it simple to travel.

Two bus stops are located outside the front door. 

The Lothian 12, 26, and 31 routes all have outdoor stops. 

You can board the buses in the city center, near Haymarket and Waverly Stations. 

The 100 Airlink Service frequently stops outside our front door between Edinburgh Airport and the city center.

Bus routes and timetables

Bus 12: Seafield – Leith – Princes Street – Haymarket – Zoo – Gyle Center

Bus 26: Seton Sands/Tranent – Portobello – City Center – Zoo – Clerwood

Bus 31: Bonnyrigg – City Centre – Zoo – East Craigs

Make sure you check the bus timetables on the official website before your travel.

The bus tickets cost  £1.80 for adults (16+) and 90p for a child.

Edinburgh Airport to zoo

You can take Airlink 100 express buses to reach Edinburgh Zoo from the Airport.

This shuttle offers frequent departures, free Wifi and comfortable seating.

An Airlink 100 shuttle leaves the airport every 30 minutes and reaches the zoo in 20 minutes.

The express operates from 4.230 am to 11.5 pm.

A one-way ticket to the Edinburgh Zoo from the Airport costs £4.50. If you book a roundtrip, you pay only £7.50.

By train

Edinburgh Waverley Station and Edinburgh Haymarket Station are the two train stations in the city’s center.

Take the buses to Edinburgh Zoo from the Waverley and Haymarket stations in the city heart of Edinburgh. 

How to get to Edinburgh Zoo by car

To reach Edinburgh Zoo by car, head west on Princes Street towards Lothian Road, then turn left onto Lothian Road and continue straight. 

At the roundabout, take the second exit onto Morrison Street, then follow Dalry Road for about 1.5 miles until you reach the T-junction with St. John’s Road. 

Turn left onto St. John’s Road and continue for about 0.5 miles, then turn right onto Corstorphine Road. 

Edinburgh Zoo will be on your left-hand side after about 0.3 miles.

By Bicycle

By Bicycle
Image: Londonzoo.org

To reach Edinburgh Zoo by bicycle, you can take the National Cycle Network Route 1, which runs from the city center to the zoo. 

Follow the route along the Union Canal until you reach the Wester Hailes Road junction. 

Turn right onto Wester Hailes Road and then left onto Murrayburn Road. 

Continue straight on Murrayburn Road until you reach the Corstorphine Road junction.

 Turn right onto Corstorphine Road, and Edinburgh Zoo will be on your right after about 0.5 miles. 

There are bicycle racks available at the zoo for secure parking.

Edinburgh Zoo Map

An Edinburgh Zoo map helps you navigate through the vast spaces and exhibits.

The map will also come in handy to find restaurants, washrooms and shops in the zoo.

You can also find keeper talks and shows on the map.

If you visit with kids, we highly recommend carrying an Edinburgh Zoo map.

What to expect at Edinburgh Zoo

Animals in Edinburg Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo is home to a diverse range of animal species worldwide. 

Here are some of the notable animals you can encounter at the zoo:

Giant Pandas

Giant Pandas
Image: Londonzoo.org

Edinburgh Zoo is famous for its resident giant pandas, Tian Tian and Yang Guang. 

These beloved pandas are a significant attraction and can be observed in their dedicated enclosure.


Image: Twitter.com

The zoo has a popular penguin exhibit, Penguin Rock, where you can see different species of penguins. 

You may even have the opportunity to watch them during feeding times or swim in their specially designed-pool.

Lions and Tigers

Lions and Tigers
Image: Londonzoo.org

Edinburgh Zoo is home to both lions and tigers. 

You can observe these majestic big cats in their spacious enclosures and learn about their natural behaviors and conservation efforts.


Image: Londonzoo.org

The Budongo Trail exhibit is home to a group of chimpanzees.

This immersive exhibit provides insight into these intelligent primates’ behavior and social structure.


Image: Londonzoo.org

Edinburgh Zoo is one of the few zoos in the UK that houses koalas. 

These adorable marsupials can be seen in their dedicated exhibit area.


Image: Londonzoo.org

The zoo is home to a herd of giraffes. 

You can watch them from a viewing platform and even participate in the daily giraffe feeding experience.


Edinburgh Zoo is home to various penguin species, including Gentoo and Rockhopper penguins. 

You can observe their playful behavior and learn about their unique adaptations.

Edinburg Zoo events

Edinburgh Zoo offers a variety of events throughout the year to enhance visitors’ experiences and provide educational opportunities. 

Here are some of the events you may find at Edinburgh Zoo:

Animal Talks and Feeding Sessions

The zoo hosts daily talks and feeding sessions where you can learn more about specific animals, their behaviors, and conservation efforts. 

These sessions allow you to observe animals up close and interact with zookeepers.

Penguin Parade

Penguin Parade
Image: Wikimedia.org

One of the iconic events at Edinburgh Zoo is the Penguin Parade. 

During this daily activity, the zookeepers lead the penguins on a walk around the zoo, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to see them outside their enclosure.

Keeper Experiences

Keeper Experiences
Image: Londonzoo.org

Edinburgh Zoo offers special experiences where you can go behind the scenes and learn about the daily activities of the zookeepers. 

This may include participating in feeding routines, assisting with animal enrichment, or getting involved in other aspects of animal care.

Seasonal and Holiday Events

Seasonal and Holiday Events
Image: Londonzoo.org

The zoo often organizes events during festive seasons and holidays. 

These can include themed activities, interactive displays, and unique animal encounters to celebrate Christmas, Easter, or Halloween occasions.

Conservation and Awareness Campaigns

Edinburgh Zoo actively engages in conservation initiatives and awareness campaigns. 

They may host events and exhibitions to raise awareness about endangered species, habitat preservation, and sustainability.

Nighttime Events

Some evenings, Edinburgh Zoo offers special events like Zoo Nights, where visitors can enjoy the zoo after hours. 

These events often include live music, food stalls, and exploring the zoo at night.

Things to do at Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo offers a wide range of exciting activities and experiences for visitors of all ages. 

From up-close encounters with exotic animals to informative talks and tours, there’s always something new to discover at this popular Scottish attraction.

Some of the best things to do at Edinburgh Zoo are:

1. Pay a visit to the only Giant Pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang. 

Please be aware that admittance is time-ticketed and that there are only limited spaces if you want to see them during your stay. 

Buying zoo tickets in advance allows you to reserve a room online.

Check before making a reservation, as panda viewing may occasionally be limited or closed due to the breeding program.

2. Go to the well-known Penguin Parade

 A colony of King, Gentoo, and Rockhopper Penguins can be found at Edinburgh Zoo, the largest outdoor penguin exhibit in Europe. 

The penguins are released from their enclosure daily to walk the zoo’s walkways. 

Every parade is unique since each penguin decides whether or not to participate daily.

3. Take in the Animal Antics show at the Hilltop Arena

This show is presented twice daily during the summer. 

Every day’s featured animals are different, although they may include kune kune pigs, tawny owls, cockatoos, and rainbow lorikeets.

4. Visit the Living Links field station and research facility 

The facility was created in collaboration with RZSS and the University of St. Andrews.

It is home to the highly intelligent and friendly Brown capuchin and Common squirrel monkey species.

5. Visit the Wee Beasties display

Visit the Wee Beasties display
Image: Twitter.com

This offers educational seminars and animal handling sessions to meet the reptiles, insects, and amphibians.

Edinburgh Zoo – FAQs

1. Is Edinburgh Zoo open all year?

Yes, Edinburgh Zoo is generally open all year round, allowing visitors to enjoy its exhibits and attractions throughout the year.

2. What is the best time to visit Edinburgh Zoo?

The best time to visit Edinburgh Zoo can depend on various factors, including personal preferences and weather conditions. 

Weekdays and morning hours are suitable for relaxed private tours. 

The morning hours are also the best time to see the animals active.

3. How much does the Edinburgh Zoo ticket cost?

The Edinburgh Zoo tickets cost £23 for visitors aged 16 to 64. 

Students with ID and senior citizens above 64 years can get discounted entry at £21.

Children between 3 to 15 years get a discount on the general admission ticket and their ticket costs only £14. 

Kids below 3 years of age enjoy free entry. 

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