Dubai Aquarium Tickets, Price, Hours, SeaLife, Experiences and more

One of the most stunning sights in the city is the Dubai Aquarium, which can be found right in the middle of the Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Aquarium is regarded as one of the biggest indoor aquariums in the world due to its enormous size and varied collection of aquatic animals.

Visitors can explore the aquarium’s various zones, including the underwater zoo, aquarium tunnel, and aquarium tank, which holds over 10 million liters of water.

The Dubai Aquarium gives visitors of all ages a mesmerizing and unique experience with its cutting-edge technology and design.

Best Dubai Aquarium tickets

# Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo day ticket
# Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo full experience ticket
# Dubai Aquarium, underwater zoo and Penguin Cove experience
# Aquarium and Burj Khalifa combo ticket 

Dubai Aquarium tickets

All visitors need to get the Dubai Aquarium tickets before they visit.

This ticket can be bought online or offline at the venue.

When you buy your Dubai Aquarium tickets online, you can skip waiting at the long ticket counter lines.

Online tickets are cheaper than offline tickets.

You can also find a wide range of variety online.

We recommend you get your Dubai Aquarium tickets online to skip last minute disappointments and enjoy a hassle free visit.

Dubai Aquarium standard entry tickets

The Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo entry ticket lets you explore all of the Aquarium.

This is the simplest ticket to visit the Aquarium.

With this ticket, you can walk through the underwater tunnel and visit the three ecological zones: Rainforest, Rocky Shore and Living Ocean.

This ticket includes: 

  • Entry to Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo 
  • Admission to the Aquarium tunnel 
  • Entry to Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo ticket price

The Standard entry ticket to Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo costs AED 150 ($41) for all visitors above 2 years of age. 

Infants below 2 years enjoy free entry to the Aquarium. 

AgeTicket price
Adult ticket (2 to 99 years)AED 150 ($41) 
Infant ticket (0 to 1 year)Free

Ticket with activities

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo offer visitors opportunities to get close to marine life.

You can try activities like cage snorkeling, scuba diving, shark diving, feeding, penguin cove experience and more. 

The Ultimate Experience Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo ticket offers access to the Aquarium, guided tour, fish feeding, Cafe and shop vouchers.

Here is a list of Dubai Aquarium tickets with activities.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo ultimate experienceAED 299 ($81)
Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo + Penguin Cove and Nursery ExperienceAED 299 ($81)
Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo admission with Animal EncountersAED 199 ($54)

Combination tickets

Combination tickets
Image: Facebook.com

Combination tickets allow you to visit Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, along with other popular Dubai attractions.

With combo tickets, you can get up to 10% discount on individual tickets. 

This is also the best way to explore nearby attractions without going through two different ticket lines and waste time.

Here are some of the best combo tickets to Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. 

Dubai Aquarium and Burj KhalifaAED 319 ($87)Buy This Ticket 
Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo + Dubai FrameAED 199 ($54)Buy This Ticket
Green Planet + Dubai Aquarium and Underwater ZooAED 290 ($79)Buy This Ticket
Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo + Aquaventure WaterparkAED 499 ($136)Buy This Ticket
Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo + Aquaventure WaterparkAED 445 ($121)Buy This Ticket
Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo + Dubai Fountain BoardwalkAED 170 ($47)Buy This Ticket
Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo + Dubai Ice RinkAED 260 ($71)Buy This Ticket

Dubai Aquarium Opening hours 

Opening hours
Image: Pond5.com

Dubai Aquarium’s opening hours vary throughout the year and even during the week. 

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is open from 10 am to 11 pm during the weekdays. 

During the weekends, the Dubai Aquarium opening hours extend to midnight. 

The last admission to the aquarium is at 10.15 pm on weekdays and 11.15 pm on weekends.

Timings 10 am to 11 pm10 am to 12 am
Final Entry10.15 pm11.15 pm

When is the best time to visit the Dubai Aquarium?

The aquarium is open throughout the year and the best time to visit Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo depends on your preference and schedule. 

If you like to skip the crowd, visit during the weekdays. 

Dubai Aquarium welcomes crowds on weekdays and during the holiday season. 

If you want to see all the animals during their most active phase, then plan your visit during the morning or evening times. 

The lighting during the evening helps you observe marine life better. 

How long does it take to visit Dubai Aquarium?

Families with children typically spend about two and a half hours at the Dubai Aquarium.

The Aquarium Tunnel may be explored in about 30 minutes, the Underwater Zoo can be explored in around 90 minutes, and the Glass Boat Ride takes about 20 minutes.

Your trip to the Dubai Aquarium will be prolonged if you see any ongoing performances or exhibits.

A ticket for the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo has no time restrictions.

Once inside, you are welcome to stay as long as you like.

How to get to Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium is located in the Dubai Mall in Downtown Dubai.

Address: Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Get Directions.

You can reach the Dubai Aquarium in the following ways:

By Dubai Metro

Burj Khalifa/The Dubai Mall Station is the closest Metro station to Dubai Mall.

After disembarking at the station, you can use either a feeder bus or the Metro Link Bridge to walk to the Mall.

The Metro Link Bridge is a climate-controlled glass tunnel travelator connecting Burj Khalifa/The Dubai Mall Station and The Dubai Mall.

By Bus

By Bus
Image: Facebook.com

You can get to the Dubai Mall by boarding bus number 29 from the Ghubaiba bus station or bus number 27 from the Deira Gold Souk station.

The closest bus stop to the aquarium is the Dubai Mall bus stop, a 2-minute walk away. 

The bus will drop you off in front of The Dubai Mall’s lower ground floor.

After that, you use a lift to descend to the ground level of the Dubai Aquarium.

By Car

The distance from the Dubai city center to the Dubai Aquarium is 2.3 kilometers. 

With a car, it takes 6 minutes to get there.

Dubai Mall offers a 14,000-capacity parking lot for all visitors. 

Things to do at Dubai Aquarium

The Dubai Aquarium has thousands of aquatic creatures, including sharks, rays, and colorful fish. 

With various activities and experiences available, the Dubai Aquarium is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Dubai.

Some of the famous things to do in the Dubai Aquarium are:

Diving underwater

This is the ideal time to try scuba diving.

After a brief theoretical introduction to scuba diving, visitors can jump into the tank and get up close and personal with the stunning marine life.

You will be provided with all the necessary equipment and a guide. 

Feed the Sharks

Visitors to the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Arena have the unique chance to get close to some sharks and feed them!

For this sport, you don’t need to be an experienced diver; all you have to do is put on your gear, go under the water, and attract the sharks with some fish in a bucket. 

It’s a great approach to learning about shark behavior and feeding habits.

Guests need the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo entry and animal experience ticket to take part in this activity. 

Shark Diving

It’s time to meet up with some sharks.

With this activity, you may delve into the Dubai Aquarium’s depths and interact with small fish, stingrays, and even some enormous 750-pound sharks.

You don’t need to be a qualified diver to participate in this exhilarating adventure; follow your guide’s directions and have the time of your life.

Snorkeling in a cage

Try the cage snorkeling experience at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo if you’d want to get up close and personal with some aquatic animals. 

You will be dropped into the aquarium in a safe cage while wearing the appropriate snorkeling gear. 

Thanks to this, you can now see stingrays, piranhas, clownfish, sharks, crocodiles, and more up close and safely!

Wonders at the Underwater Zoo

Meet the King Croc at the Underwater Zoo’s Wonders.

 When you come face to face with the most potent reptile in the world, which weighs an incredible 750 kg, it is unquestionably the experience of a lifetime.

As you observe the majestic animal in its carefully controlled habitat, various emotions run through you, including awe, fear, and thrill.

UAE’s Night Creatures

This is yet another fascinating and instructive tour of the fascinating and diverse species of the Arabian Desert. 

In the specialized 200 square meter zone home to Giant Camel Spiders, Arabian Toads, Fruit Bats and more, unravel the mysteries of the desert environment.

VRZOO Adventure

Here’s your chance to enjoy the revolutionary and exhilarating VRZOO experience on the ground floor of Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

This immerses you in the wild and adventurous world of some of the most amazing animals in the world. 

VRZOO transports you on an incredible voyage without having to move a muscle.

On this journey, you will encounter elephants in the South African savannahs, whale sharks in the Maldives, and gorillas in their natural habitat in Uganda.

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FAQs about Dubai Aquarium

1. How long does it take to tour the Dubai Aquarium?

The time it takes to tour the Dubai Aquarium can depend on how much time you want to spend there and the activities you want to try.

Generally, a visit to the aquarium takes around 1 to 2 hours to look around all sections. 

If you wish to try activities like animal feeding and penguin cove experience, the time required increases. 

2. What is the best time to visit the Dubai Aquarium?

The best time of the week to visit Dubai Aquarium is during the weekdays.

During the weekdays, there is less crowding, and you can enjoy a more private tour of the aquarium. 

The best time to visit during the day is early morning or in the evening. 

During this time, the crowds are thin and the marine life is more active. 

3. Is it worth visiting the Dubai Aquarium?

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is one of the largest aquariums in the world, holding over 140 exotic species of marine life. 

Here you can try unique experiences like cage snorkeling, shark feeding and Penguin Cove.

Visiting the Dubai Aquarium lets you get close to the Aquatic World and is definitely worth visiting. 

4. Which Dubai Aquarium tickets should I book?

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo entry ticket offer entry to the Mall, Aquarium and all exhibits. 

If you want to enjoy feeding animals, interactive programs and a guided tour, then opt for the ultimate experience ticket

For visitors who plan to visit other Dubai attractions in addition to the Aquarium, combination tours are the best option. 

5. What is the cost of Dubai Aquarium tickets?

The Aquarium dubai ticket price starts from AED 150 ($41)  

Depending on your preferences and planned activities, the ticket cost may vary!

The best tickets to visit the Dubai Aquarium are: 
Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo day ticket
Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo full experience ticket
Dubai Aquarium, underwater zoo and Penguin Cove experience
Aquarium and Burj Khalifa combo ticket 

6. Where can I get Dubai Aquarium tickets?

You can purchase a ticket at the physical counter or book them online. 

It is advised to book your tickets online, as you may not get them at the counter due to the high demand.

Featured Image: Thedubaiaquarium.com

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