Your one-stop guide to Copenhagen Zoo tickets, hours, etc

Copenhagen Zoo offers a captivating wildlife experience and a journey through time. 

Nestled on almost 30 acres of land between the scenic Frederiksberg Gardens and Søndermarken public parks, the zoo attracts over a million visitors annually.

Established in 1859, this zoo boasts a rich history, being one of Europe’s oldest. 

Its early collection features eagles, owls, rabbits, and some less fortunate residents, like a seal in a bathtub and a turtle in a bucket.

Over the years, the zoo has grown significantly and underwent extensive modernization during the 1980s and 1990s. 

Today, it’s renowned for its commitment to preserving endangered species worldwide, offering animals spacious, natural enclosures that prioritize their well-being. 

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Tickets to Copenhagen Zoo

As one of Europe’s oldest and most popular zoos, Copenhagen Zoo draws huge crowds, especially during peak travel seasons. 

The queues at the entrance can be massive, often with wait times up to an hour just to buy tickets. 

However, there is a way to avoid the long lines altogether – by purchasing skip the line tickets online in advance.

Skip the line tickets, also known as fast-track tickets, allow you to enter Copenhagen Zoo through a separate, prioritized entrance lane. 

There is no need to stand in the main ticket queue. 

You simply show your prepaid ticket to the dedicated turnstiles for instant access. 

Skip the line tickets must be booked for a specific entry timeslot in advance.

Here are some of the major benefits of skip the line tickets for Copenhagen Zoo:

  • No waiting in busy queues, saving you up to an hour of line time,
  • Hassle-free entry at your preselected timeslot
  • Ideal for travelers with tight schedules or small, impatient children
  • Often bundled with discounts on food or merchandise inside the zoo
  • Lets you head straight to the attractions and animal exhibits
  • Provides peace of mind, knowing your entry is guaranteed

Ticket Includes

  • Skip-the-line entrance to Copenhagen Zoo
  • Access to daily programs such as animal feeding and training

Ticket Prices

Copenhagen Zoo ticket prices for visitors over 12 years is DKK 240 (€32)

Children between 3 to 11 years pay a reduced price of KR DKK (€18)

Entry is free for kids under 3 and for disabled visitors.

Adult ticket (12+ years)DKK 240 (€32)
Child ticket (3 to 11 years)DKK 142 (€18)

Copenhagen Zoo Opening Hours

During the winter months, from January to February, the Copenhagen Zoo typically opens at 10 am and closes at 4 pm. 

In March, weekend hours extend to 5 pm, with a special extended schedule on March 11th for Zoo Card Day, opening at 10 am and closing at 8 pm.

As spring arrives in April, the zoo is accessible from 9 am to 6 pm, with extended hours from April 3rd to 10th. 

May offers extended hours on May 5th, 18-19th, and 29th, with the zoo open until 6 pm. 

It opens from 9 am to 6 pm in June, with extended hours from June 24th to 30th, when it closes at 8 pm.

July and the first week of August provide access from 9 am to 8 pm, while the rest reverts to 9 am to 6 pm. 

In autumn, October maintains hours from 9 am to 5 pm, and November sees opening times from 10 am to 4 pm, with exceptions on Saturdays and Sundays. 

December offers various opening hours, with early closures on December 24th, 25th, 26th, and 31st, and special hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

Here’s a detailed table of Copenhagen Zoo opening hours: 

Jan10 am to 4 pm10 am to 4 pm
Feb10 am to 4 pm10 am to 4 pm
March10 am to 4 pm10 am to 5 pm11 March at 10 am to 8 pm (Zoo card day)
April9 am to 5 pm9 am to 6 pm3-10 April at 9 am to 6 pm
May9 am to 5 pm9 am to 6 pm5 May, 18-19 May, and 29 May at 9 am to 6 pm
June 1 to 23 9 am to 6 pm9 am to 6 pm
June 24 to 309 am to 8 pm9 am to 8 pm
July9 am to 8 pm9 am to 8 pm
August 1 to 6 9 am to 8 pm9 am to 8 pm
August 7 to 319 am to 6 pm9 am to 8 pm
September9 am to 6 pm9 am to 6 pm16 and 17 September at 9 am to 8 pm (Zoo card day)
October9 am to 5 pm9 am to 5 pm
November 1 to 1710 am to 4 pm10 am to 4 pm
November 18 to 30 10 am to 4 pmSaturdays at 10 am to 8 pmSundays at 10 am to 6 pm25 November at 10 am to 8 pm (Zoo card day)
December10 am to 4 pm*Saturdays 10 am to 8 pmSundays at 10 am to 6 pm*Friday at 10 am to 8 pmDecember 23 at 10 am to 6 pm24+31 December at 10 am to 2 pm25+26 December at 10 am to 4 pm27-30 December at 10 am to 6 pm

Best time to visit Copenhagen Zoo

The best time to visit Copenhagen Zoo is early morning, especially on weekdays. 

This recommendation holds throughout the year. 

Arriving early lets you beat the crowds and enjoy a more peaceful experience. 

It’s a fantastic opportunity to see the animals when they’re most active and avoid the midday rush.

If you want to consider the best time of the year, spring and early summer, from April to June, offer pleasant weather with milder temperatures and longer daylight hours. 

This season allows for a more comfortable and extended visit, as the animals tend to be more active in the moderate climate.

How long does it take to visit Copenhagen Zoo?

The duration of your visit to Copenhagen Zoo depends on your interests and pace. 

On average, visitors spend about 2 to 3 hours exploring the zoo. 

However, if you’re a wildlife enthusiast or traveling with family, you might want to allocate more time. 

This allows you to enjoy all the exhibits, animal encounters, and special experiences without feeling rushed. 

Copenhagen Zoo offers numerous attractions, and a leisurely visit ensures you make the most of your time there.

How to get to Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo is conveniently accessible through various transportation options. 

If you’re using public transport, you can take Bus 6A directly from Central Station, which stops at the zoo entrance. 

Alternatively, you can arrive by train from Valby Station or take the metro from Fasanvej Station. 

For those driving to the zoo, there’s paid parking available across the main entrance along Roskildevej and Sdr. Fasanvej. 

Don’t forget to bring the Copenhagen Zoo map if you’re driving up there.

These flexible transportation choices make visiting the zoo hassle-free and easily accessible to all visitors.

Parking at Copenhagen Zoo

Visiting Copenhagen Zoo allows you to choose from various parking facilities. 

The Carlsberg Byen area provides several parking garages, each within a 15-minute walk through beautiful Søndermarken Park to the zoo’s main entrance. 

Many of these garages offer free parking spaces. 

Electric car owners can benefit from the 138 charging points in the Carlsberg Byen parking basements. 

Detailed pricing and conditions are displayed within the parking facilities, and payments can be made through payment machines or parking apps on your smartphone.

It’s important to be aware that several adjacent side roads are privately owned, meaning parking is prohibited for unauthorized vehicles.

Copenhagen Zoo Map

If you visit Copenhagen Zoo with kids, a Copenhagen Zoo map is essential to stay on course and be aware of the situation.

The map of Copenhagen Zoo helps you locate the exhibits.

The Zoo of Copenhagen map also shows you restaurants, playgrounds, restrooms, etc.

You can also locate gift shops using the map.

To access the map of Copenhagen Zoo, you can download it now or bookmark this page for later use. 

This way, you’ll have all the information you need for a fun and organized visit with your children.

Copenhagen Zoo History

Founded in 1859 by renowned ornithologist Niels Kjærbølling, Copenhagen Zoo has a storied history.

The establishment’s origins trace back to the summer garden of Princess Vilhelmine, graciously granted by the chief directorate of Copenhagen. 

In 1901, an unusual episode saw the zoo host a human exhibition featuring 25 indigenous Indians—men, women, and children. 

This showcase depicted their daily lives in palm tree leaf huts within the zoo premises, reflecting the era’s perceptions of exotic cultures.

One of the zoo’s most enduring residents was a male slow worm. 

It called the zoo home from 1892 to an astounding 1946, marking an astonishing 54-year stay—a record among lizards. 

Over the years, the zoo has transitioned from traditional cages to modern enclosures that mimic the animals’ natural habitats, prioritizing their welfare and enhancing the visitor experience. 

This transformation has given rise to notable additions such as the Elephant House (2008) and the 1.5-hectare (3.7-acre) Savanna.

An underwater Hippopotamus House provides a unique view of these massive mammals in the Savanna. 

While evolving with the times, Copenhagen Zoo has also preserved its historical structures, such as the 1872 stable for yaks and the 1875 Herbivore House, which is still home to tapirs. 

A solemn reminder of the zoo’s history, the 1885 owl tower is a tribute to the bygone era of zookeeping.

Copenhagen Zoo Animals

Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark’s premier wildlife sanctuary, is home to a remarkable assembly of over 4,000 animals encompassing 264 diverse species.

The zoo boasts various animals, some housed in specific themed areas, while others roam freely in extensive outdoor enclosures.

In “The Nordics,” visitors can observe species such as harbor seals, snowy owls, reindeer, musk oxen, brown bears, arctic foxes, and grey wolves. 

The “Arctic Ring,” introduced in 2013, features a polar bear exhibit with underwater viewing options and an aviary for North Atlantic seabirds.

The “Asia” section offers a chance to see Oriental small-clawed otters, red pandas, Malayan tapirs, Amur leopards, tigers, Asian elephants, and more. 

Copenhagen Zoo’s unique “Tasmania” section originated with a gift of Tasmanian Devils in 2004 and now includes various Australian species. 

In the “South America” section, visitors can encounter capybaras, guanacos, greater rheas, Patagonian maras, southern screamers, and giant anteaters.

Copenhagen Zoo is known for hosting rare species like Tasmanian devils, the first to live outside of Australia. 

Amur leopards, okapis, muskoxen, and more contribute to the remarkable collection. 

In April 2019, the zoo welcomed two giant pandas on loan from China, further enriching its unique and rarely-kept animals.

Copenhagen Zoo Programs

When you’re at the Copenhagen Zoo, don’t forget to make it to these wonderful programs:

Close to the Animal’s Experiences

Copenhagen Zoo offers a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with its inhabitants. 

You can meet the chimpanzees, interact with the bamboo-eating bears, and even participate in feeding sessions with giraffes, penguins, and elephants. 

To make it even more special, you can purchase a gift card in the webshop to redeem one of these animal experiences. 

It’s a chance to connect with the animal kingdom like never before.

Bring a Friend for Free on Zoo Card Day

As a Zoo Card holder; you can share the joy of the zoo with a friend for free on selected Zoocard days. 

These days are packed with exciting activities for both visitors and their guests. 

The Zoo card days 2023 include March 11th, September 16th and 17th, and November 25th.

Halloween at the Zoo

From October 7th to 31st, Copenhagen Zoo transforms into a spooky wonderland. 

The zoo is adorned with cobwebs, crawling creatures, and enormous spiders. 

It’s a Halloween adventure for the whole family, complete with a pumpkin-filled garden.

You have the opportunity to carve trick-and-treat pumpkins for the animals and the chance to explore the Garden’s (un)pleasant experiences.

Get Close to the Curious Mice

Copenhagen Zoo’s Zoolab offers a unique experience. 

You can crawl into a mouse hole and discover the fascinating world of mice. 

Learn about these small creatures, their food preferences, enemies, and even their unique way of “talking.” 

If you’re up for it, you can get up close to these intriguing mice with the help of skilled Zoo Guides.

Help Save the World’s Animals

Climbing the 182 steps to the top of the Zoo Tower provides a stunning view and supports global animal conservation efforts. 

The funds collected from visits contribute to projects such as protecting rhinos from poaching in Pilanesberg National Park, tracking the musk oxen population in Greenland, and more.

Copenhagen Zoo Dining

When visiting Copenhagen Zoo, take a break from your wildlife exploration to enjoy diverse dining options. 

You can refuel with coffee and pastries, savor gourmet hot dogs, enjoy delectable fish ‘n’ chips, or grab a classic burger and organic fries. 

There’s something to suit every palate, ensuring that your culinary journey matches the excitement of your zoo adventure.

Called Coffee

Under the Zootårnet, visitors can refuel with coffee, tea, croissants, or cake.

Ideal for a quick bite or enjoying at the café tables.

Location: At the Zoo tower
Opening hours: Varies but generally coincides with the Garden’s hours.

Jacob’s Pita

At Jakobsen’s Pita, indulge in stone-oven baked pita bread with options like flame-grilled meats or halloumi cheese. 

Don’t miss the ‘wild dog’ – a venison sausage hot dog. 

Seasonal dressings keep it fresh.

Location: Zoomarked
Opening hours: Usually 1 hour after the Garden opens, closing 1 hour before it shuts.

Camps Micro Software

Lejre Mikro Pølsemageri offers gourmet hotdogs featuring regular chili, cheese, and game sausages seasoned to perfection. 

Some recipes have been in the family for over 50 years.

Location: Zoomarkt and World Square
Opening hours: Mirrors the Garden’s schedule.

The Fish Project

Opposite the iconic monkey cave, The Fish Project serves freshly made fish ‘n’ chips and other delectable sea-inspired to-go dishes.

Location: Primattorvet
Opening hours: Correspond with the Garden’s schedule.


Enjoy crispy churros with sugar, organic ice cream, and chocolate sauce. These delicious snacks are available at Primattorvet and Children’s Zoo.

Opening hours: Varies but generally opens 30 minutes after the Garden starts, closing 30 minutes before it ends.

Miss Mum’s Burger House

Find ZOO’s grill bar serving burgers with homemade dressings, organic fries, and organic coffee or tea.

Location: At Tropezoo
Opening hours: Typically opens an hour after the Garden starts, closing an hour before it ends.

Hansen’s Ice Cream

Hansen’s Is offers organic popsicles and waffles, including vegan options. 

All ice cream is organic and made with fresh milk from local farms.

Location: Found at various places throughout the Zoo.
Opening hours: Vary depending on the season.

Called Coffee Bar

Kalles Kaffebar on Verdenspladsen offers drinks, coffee, tea, juice, lemonade, sandwiches, salads, and snacks.

Location: World Square

Nachos And Co.

Enjoy South American-inspired nachos, burritos, quesadillas, guacamole, and more, along with refreshing beverages.

Location: Zoomarked

Copenhagen Zoo – FAQs

1. How much does a ticket to Copenhagen Zoo cost?

Copenhagen Zoo ticket prices for visitors over 12 years is DKK 240 (€32)

Children between 3 to 11 years pay a reduced price of KR DKK (€18)

Entry is free for kids under 3 and for disabled visitors.

2. Are there any discounts available for students, seniors, or groups?

Copenhagen Zoo often offers discounts for students, seniors, and groups. 

Still, availability can change, so checking the official website or contacting the zoo for the most current information on discounts and group rates is good.

3. Is it necessary to purchase tickets in advance?

While you can buy tickets at the zoo’s entrance, purchasing tickets in advance online is recommended, especially during peak seasons. 

This can save you time and ensure you secure your visit, particularly if you plan to visit during busy times.

4. What vehicles are allowed inside the zoo for people with disabilities? 

The Zoo is a pedestrian area. 

Guests with disabilities can bring an electric or manual wheelchair. 

Gasoline-powered vehicles are unfortunately not allowed for the sake of the animals.

5. Are personal pets allowed inside the Copenhagen Zoo?

Unfortunately, personal pets are not allowed inside the Zoo to maintain the decorum and safety of animals.

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