Barcelona Aquarium tickets, prices, hours, what to expect and more

The Barcelona Aquarium is one of the world’s most important marine leisure and education centers dedicated to Mediterranean undersea life. 

It is located in Port Vell, the old port of Barcelona, and is home to over 11,000 animals representing 451 species.

The aquarium is divided into exhibits, each focusing on a different aspect of the marine world.

In addition to its exhibits, the Barcelona Aquarium also offers a variety of animal experiences, including shark feeding, penguin feeding, and behind-the-scenes tours. 

These experiences give visitors unique opportunities to learn more about the animals and their care.

This article shares all the information about the Barcelona Aquarium tickets, prices, what to expect and more. 

Where to buy tickets for Barcelona Aquarium 

Barcelona Aquarium tickets are available online and at the aquarium ticket counter. 

It is easier and more convenient to buy tickets online. 

When you buy tickets online, you can skip the hassle of standing in long queues at the ticket counter, which can take 45 minutes to one hour during the summer months. 

Online tickets are cheaper than offline tickets. 

You can also find different types of tickets that are exclusively available online.

With online Barcelona Aquarium tickets, you get assured entry to the attraction at the time and date you choose. 

This saves you from any last-minute disappointments. 

How do online tickets work

Online tickets are easy and secure, like any other online purchase. 

Choose the ticket that suits you best from the ticket booking page.

Enter visitors’ details, visit time and date and proceed with your payment. 

Once the payment is made, you will receive your Barcelona Aquarium ticket in your email. 

On the day of your visit, you can present the e-ticket from your phone and enjoy uninterrupted access. 

Barcelona Aquarium ticket prices

The Barcelona Aquarium entry ticket costs €25 for visitors over 11 years of age. 

Children between 10 and 5 years old pay €18 for entry.

Kids between 4 and 2 years get discounted tickets to Florida Aquarium at the price of €10

Infants below 2 years enjoy free entry to the aquarium. 

You can get up to a 10% discount on the Barcelona aquarium ticket when you purchase combo tickets. 

Tourists who opt for the Barcelona City Passes enjoy up to 50% discount on Barcelona Aquarium ticket prices. 

Barcelona Aquarium entry tickets

The Barcelona Aquarium entry ticket offers you easy skip-the-line admission. 

You can skip the ticket counter lines and the queues at the entrance and enjoy priority access. 

You can visit all the zones and exhibits with this ticket. 

However, if you wish to participate in extra activities or behind-the-scene tours, you must purchase an upgrade at the aquarium. 

This ticket offers entry to the aquarium on a fixed date and time. 

If you prefer more flexibility on the visiting time, you can book a flexi ticket valid for 90 days and does not require you to choose a time slot prior. 

Barcelona Aquarium entry ticket prices: 

AgeTicket Prices
Adult ticket (11+ years)€25 
Youth ticket (5 to 10 years)€18 
Child ticket (2 to 4 years)€10
Infant ticket (0 to 2 years)Free

Barcelona Aquarium combo ticket

Combination tickets are the favorite option for frequent travelers. 

These tickets offer discounted entry to two major attractions in the city with up to 10% discount on individual entry tickets. 

This is also the best way to explore nearby attractions without going through two different ticket queues. 

Here are some of our favorite Barcelona Aquarium combination tickets

ComboTicket prices
Barcelona Aquarium + Barcelona Zoo€43
Barcelona Aquarium + Montjuic Cable Car€37
Barcelona Aquarium + Hop-on Hop-off bus tour€58

Barcelona Aquarium with City Pass

If you are traveling around Barcelona, city passes are your perfect choice. 

Barcelona City Passes offer you entry to various attractions throughout the city for a set period of time. 

There are two passes – Go City Explorer and Go City all-inclusive pass. 

The Barcelona Go City explorer pass lets you visit 2 to 6 attractions in Barcelona, along with the Aquarium. 

This pass is valid for 60 days. 

It provides you entry to major attractions like Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Batlo, FC Barcelona and more. 

The Barcelona Go City All-inclusive pass lets you explore over 45 attractions in Barcelona for 2 to 5 days. 

You can choose the pass’s validity and enjoy entry to all the attractions. 

If you plan your itinerary well, you can visit the Barcelona Aquarium for free with this pass. 

Opening hours of Barcelona Aquarium

The Barcelona Aquarium is open from 10 am every day. 

The closing time varies according to the months and days of the week. 

From April to June and October, the aquarium is open from 10 am to 8 pm. 

During the months of July to September, you can visit until 9 pm. 

In the winter months of November to March, the aquarium closes early at 7 pm.

Months Timings
January, February, March, November, and December10 am  to 7 pm
April, May, June, and October10 am to 8 pm
July and August, September10 am to 9 pm

Best time to visit Barcelona Aquarium

The best time to visit the Barcelona Aquarium is at 10 am when the aquarium opens. 

You can enjoy the aquarium with less to no crowds and it is easy to spot the marine animals during this hour. 

If you can not make it early, try visiting in the late afternoon. 

For a less crowded visit, we recommend you visit during the weekdays instead of weekends. 

Barcelona Aquarium welcomes heavy crowds during the Summer months and holidays. 

You can also attend special events and workshops during these times. 

If you want a more private touring experience, winter is the best time to visit the Barcelona Aquarium. 

How long does it take to visit the Barcelona Aquarium

Visitors generally need two hours to walk around the Barcelona Aquarium. 

Allot an additional hour or two if you wish to participate in activities. 

However, if you are visiting with children and senior citizens, you will need three to four hours to tour the Aquarium. 

Children tend to linger around their favorite exhibits, spend time at feeding zones or rest at diners or lounge areas. 

How to reach Barcelona Aquarium 

Barcelona Aquarium lies at Del Port Vell, Barcelona. 

Address: Del Port Vell, Moll d’Espanya, s/n, 08039 Barcelona, Spain. Get Directions

Here is how you can reach Barcelona Aquarium through various means of transport:

By bus

The Barcelona Aquarium is located in the Port Vell district of Barcelona and several bus routes can take you there. 

The nearest bus stop is Port Vell station.

The D20 and V17  bus routes stop directly outside the aquarium.

If you are coming from Barcelona Sants station, you can take the H16 bus to the Drassanes stop, just a short walk from the aquarium.

Other bus routes that stop near the aquarium include 47, 59, 64, 120 and 142. 

By metro

The Barcelona Aquarium is also well-served by the metro.

The nearest metro station is Drassanes stop, on the L3 line (green line). The metro station is next to the Columbus Monument, a short walk from the aquarium.

You can also take the L4 Barceloneta line and get off at the Barceloneta Metro station.

By car

Take Ronda Litoral and exit 21 and 22 if you plan to drive to the Barcelona Aquarium.

You can park in the Port Vell car park, just a short walk from the aquarium. 

The car park is open 24 hours a day and has a capacity of over 1,000 vehicles.

To get to the car park, follow the signs for Port Vell from the Ronda Litoral motorway.

By taxi

Taking a taxi is the quickest and most convenient way to get to the Barcelona Aquarium. 

Taxis are readily available throughout Barcelona and a taxi rank is just outside the aquarium.

To get a taxi, simply hail one down the street or call a taxi company.

By boat

Several boat tours depart from Port Vell and stop at the Barcelona Aquarium. 

This is a great way to see the city from a different perspective and to arrive at the aquarium in style.

What to expect at Barcelona Aquarium

Visitors to the Barcelona Aquarium can expect to see various marine life, including sharks, rays, penguins, sea turtles, fish, and invertebrates. 

The aquarium has several interactive exhibits, such as a touch pool where visitors can pet sea stars and sea cucumbers.

Try a glass-bottom boat that takes visitors through the Mediterranean Sea.

The Barcelona Aquarium is a great place for visitors of all ages. 

Children will love the interactive exhibits and the opportunity to see their favorite animals up close. 

Adults will appreciate the aquarium’s educational value and its conservation commitment.

Zones at Barcelona Aquarium

Barcelona Aquarium holds 4 million liters of water and over 11,000 marine animals. 

It is divided into different zones or exhibits. 

Here is a brief on the different zones and the animals you can find there. 

The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean exhibit is the largest at the Barcelona Aquarium and is home to over 4,000 animals representing over 300 species. 

Visitors can see a variety of fish, invertebrates, and sharks, including sand tiger and sandbar sharks.

Tropical Seas

The tropical seas exhibit is home to a variety of fish and invertebrates from tropical seas around the world. 

Visitors can see colorful clownfish, angelfish, and parrotfish, as well as sea turtles, sea snakes, and crocodiles.

Planet Aqua

The Planet Aqua exhibit is dedicated to the importance of water to life on Earth. 

Visitors can learn about the water cycle, the different types of water bodies, and the ways in which humans use water.

Children’s area

The children’s area is designed for younger visitors and features a variety of interactive exhibits and activities. 

Children can learn about the marine world through play and exploration.

Animal Experiences in Barcelona Aquarium

The Barcelona Aquarium offers a variety of animal experiences that give visitors a unique opportunity to learn more about the animals and their care. 

These experiences include:

Shark feeding: Visitors can watch as their keepers feed the aquarium’s sharks.

Penguin feeding: Visitors can feed the aquarium’s penguins by hand.

Behind-the-scenes tour: Visitors can get a look at the aquarium and learn about how the animals are cared for.

Behind-the-scenes tour at Barcelona Aquarium

The behind-the-scenes tour at the Barcelona Aquarium is a great way to learn more about the aquarium and its animals. 

Visitors see the aquarium’s kitchens, where the animals are fed, and the quarantine area, where new animals are introduced to the aquarium. 

Visitors also see the aquarium’s filtration system and learn how the water is kept clean.

The Barcelona Aquarium is a great place for people of all ages. 

This fun and educational experience will teach you about the marine world and its importance to life on Earth.

The Barcelona Aquarium conservation programs

The Barcelona Aquarium is committed to the conservation of marine life. 

The Barcelona Aquarium also educates its visitors about the importance of marine conservation and how they can help protect the marine environment. 

The aquarium does this through exhibits, educational programs, and public awareness campaigns.

The aquarium participates in several conservation programs and initiatives, including:

The Mediterranean Monk Seal Conservation Program: 

This program is dedicated to conserving the Mediterranean monk seal, one of the world’s most endangered marine mammals.

The Marine Turtle Conservation Program:

This program is dedicated to conserving marine turtles threatened by habitat loss, pollution, and overfishing.

The Coral Reef Conservation Program: 

This program is dedicated to conserving coral reefs, which are threatened by climate change, pollution, and overfishing.

Barcelona Aquarium – FAQs

Can I re-enter the Barcelona Aquarium with the same entry ticket?

No, you can not re-enter the Barcelona Aquarium once you have left. 

You need to purchase a new ticket to re-enter. 

What time does the ticket office close?

The ticket office closes an hour before the closing time of the Barcelona Aquarium.

Does Barcelona Aquarium require prior reservations for groups?

Yes, visitors traveling with more than 15 people should reserve in advance.

Does the aquarium have lockers?

Yes, Barcelona Aquarium has locker facilities.

Is Barcelona Aquarium worth it?

As one of the largest and most important aquariums in Europe, Barcelona Aquarium offers a variety of exhibits and experiences to visitors. 

The Aquarium holds 4 million liters of water and 11,000 animals that fascinate all visitors despite their age. 

It also offers engaging activities, interactive tours and conservation programs, making it worth visiting.

Is Barcelona Aquarium ethical?

Barcelona Aquarium strives to work for animal welfare and follows ethical practices.

Are there sharks in the Barcelona Aquarium?

Yes, you can see a range of sharks from Mediterranean starry ray, Epaulette shark, Gray bamboo shark and more. 

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