Animals in London Zoo 

ZSL London Zoo is one of the oldest scientific zoos in the world. 

It was founded in 1826 by Sir Stamford Raffles, a nature and wildlife enthusiast. 

You can find over 750 animal species, including tigers, gorillas, camels, Komodo dragons, red river hogs and many more.

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How many animals are in London Zoo?

ZSL London Zoo houses over 16,00 animals.

You can find 750 different species spread over 36 acres of land. 

There are a variety of animals in the London Zoo, like Polar Bear, Giant Panda, Hippos, Bush elephants, Gorillas and more.

Zones in London Zoo

The zoo is divided into Blue, Pink, and Orange zones. 

The Pink Zone is home to giraffes, zebras, pygmy hippos, okapis, lemurs, otters, meerkats, warthogs, African wild dogs, rainforest life, and monkey valley. 

The Orange Zone is home to Galápagos tortoises, lions, yellow mongooses, greater flamingos, alpacas, llamas, hyacinth macaws, brown-nosed coatis, butterfly paradise, and tiny giants.

Each zone gives the animals as much space to roam and explore. 

You can learn about the animals’ habitats, behaviors, and conservation status.

Animals in London Zoo 

Animals in the Blue Zone of London Zoo:

In the Blue Zone, you can see tigers, gorillas, camels, Komodo dragons, red river hogs, and reptiles. 

Tiger Territory

Exuding charisma and boldness, Tigers amble fearlessly, their roars resonating for miles. 

At Tiger Territory, you will come face-to-face with Sumatran Tigers through glass enclosures.

You can watch their climbing skills, predatory instincts, feeding behaviors etc.

The Gorilla Kingdom

Step into the African rainforest at the Gorilla Kingdom

 This immersive exhibit features an African gorilla habitat with an artificial island and an indoor gymnasium. 

This habitat offers picturesque vistas. 

Make sure you click pictures with the famous Alika and Gernot, children of Mjukuu or ‘Jookie.

Camels (Domestic Bactrian Camels)

There are three species of camels – Bactrian Camels, Arabian Camels and Wild Bactrian Camels. 

You can find Bactrian Camels in ZSL London Zoo.

In this exhibit, you can meet Genhis and Noemie.

These dumble-humped camels are known for their high-temperature tolerance.

Komodo Dragon

You can witness a well-replicated Indonesian Island in this zone. 

It houses Komodo dragons on a dry river bed filled with lush greenery and Indonesian birds. 

Visitors here often forget they are in the middle of London, not Indonesia. 

Reptile House

Set into the world of reptiles and amphibians within the Reptile House, housing an assortment of snakes, frogs, lizards, and crocodiles. 

An unexpected delight awaits within these walls.

Red River Hogs

Native to African regions proximate to rivers and swamps, these Bushpigs, or Red River Hogs, are the most unique creatures in the blue zone. 

These adorable River Hogs are named Ava, Cameron, Pedro, Penny, Phoebe, Shane, and Tommy.

Pink Zone of ZSL London Zoo

The Pink Zone hosts a variety of species, including Giraffes, Zebras, Pygmy Hippos, Okapis, Lemurs, Otters, Meerkats, Warthogs, and African Wild Dogs. 

The highlight of this zone are the Rainforest Life and Monkey Valley exhibits.


Giraffes, with their elongated necks and striking coat patterns, captivate visitors’ hearts.

 The Giraffe exhibit offers a special experience as children revel in observing giraffes grazing and socializing.

Zebra (Chapman’s)

Champan’s Zebra is a unique species housed in the ZSL London Zoo. 

These are a subspecies of plain Zebra and many visitors find this interesting. 

Pygmy Hippos

Thug and Nicky, the Pygmy Hippos, are visitors’ favorites. 

These creatures, known for their love of warm water, inhabit enclosures equipped with solar panels to maintain ideal pond temperatures.


Endemic to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Okapis are often called forest giraffes. 

You can see them boast striking reddish-brown stripes and luxuriant fur coats.


Lemurs, exclusive to Madagascar, distinguish themselves within the primate realm.

If you visit with kids, make sure they meet these lovely Ring-tailed Lemurs.


The pink zone in London Zoo is filled with friendly animals and otters top the list. 

You can watch Oriental small-clawed otters, the smallest otter species in the London Zoo. 


While talking about the cutest animals in London Zoo, we can not miss the cheerful Meerkats. 

Meerkats, diminutive mongooses, grace the London Zoo with grey to yellowish-brown coats.


While strolling through the Pink Zone, you can see Warthogs with distinctive features and behaviors.

African Wild Dog

African Wild Dogs, renowned for their unique markings and hunting prowess, hold a spot of honor in the Pink Zone.

Rainforest Life

This exhibit in London Zoo provides a close encounter with monkeys, sloths, and tamanduas, followed by a glimpse into the nocturnal world of the rainforest.

Monkey Valley Exhibit

This recent addition, inaugurated on August 15, 2022, presents a captivating display of white and black fluffy Colobus Monkeys.

Orange Zone of ZSL London Zoo

The Orange Zone houses Galápagos tortoises, Lions, Yellow Mongooses, Penguin Beach and more exciting animals in London Zoo.

Galápagos Tortoises

These venerable creatures, capable of living for over 150 years, are celebrated for their remarkable survival stories.

Land of the Lions

The Land of the Lions welcomes visitors into the world of Asiatic lions, introducing new members like lioness Arya.

Yellow Mongoose

Yellow Mongooses are skilled burrowers ready to captivate your heart with bright yellow coats.

Greater Flamingo

Flamingos are beautiful birds housed in London Zoo that enchants every visitor they encounter. 

Penguin Beach

You can find Humbolt Penguins on the penguin beach. 

The penguin beach replicates their native South American Coastal landscapes. 

After meeting these cute penguins, visitors usually find moving on from this zone difficult. 

Alpacas and Llamas

The Alpacas and Llamas’ habitat introduces you to South American camelid species.

Here, you can watch their distinct traits and features.

Tiny Giants

Tiny Giants is the highlight of this zone. 

You can find a variety of tiny creatures, from underwater corals to ants, spiders and beetles. 

Butterfly Paradise

Butterfly Paradise welcomes you into the world of Butterflies. 

Here you can meet butterflies from around the world and watch their life cycle, ecological significance, and challenges they face.

Hyacinth Macaw

These captivating Hyacinth Macaws, the largest parrots globally, offer a spectacle of color and grace.

Featured Image: Londonzoo.org

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